Rubber Roof Repair

If you have an ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM) roofing on your commercial building, you likely enjoy it for its famously low cost and toughness. While the material of EPDM roofing is long-lasting, adhesives or tapes usually seal the edges, making it prone to leaks. 

Additionally, if you have a flat EPDM roof, you run the risk of ponding rainwater that can get inside the building through any weak seams. With this risk, you’ll likely find yourself looking for EPDM roof leak repair at some point in your roof’s lifespan.

EPDM Roof Repair Options

There are few options available for EPDM flat roof repair, and the correct one depends on the type of leak and your intended result:

  • For fixing a small perforation: Repair holes on rubber roofing with a patch. You can find kits for making EDPM patches, though there is no guarantee that these repairs will last through all weather conditions.
  • For enforcing seams: One of the most significant drawbacks of EPDM roofing is the weak seams. If you need to reinforce them, you can purchase sealant tape. This is already the sealing method in place for a typical rubber roof, though, so replacing the tape is not a firm or permanent solution.
  • For long-term protection: The best way to protect your rubber roof overall is by using a roof coating across the entire surface.

Pros of Roof Coating

Roof coating is the most thorough method for repairing and protecting your rubber roof compared to other repair methods. The benefits of this method include:

  • Quick to install: The roof coating process involves a simple rolling or spraying of the material onto the roof surface. It takes a short amount of time, so it won’t interrupt your day-to-day operations like other repairs or installations might.
  • Heat reflection: Roof coating has the ability to reflect heat, making it energy-efficient — you can keep the inside of your building cooler and use less air conditioning. 
  • Waterproofing: The protective nature of roof coating keeps water out and helps to prevent the formation of perforations and leaks.
  • Extends life of roof: With constant protection at all times, roof coating extends the overall life of your EPDM roof.

3 Steps to Coat Your Rubber Roof

If you’re interested in a coating for your rubber roof, start by contacting Capital Coating. Once we arrive at your site, the steps we follow are:

  1. Cleaning the roof of dirt, grime and leaves.
  2. Patching any holes or leaks.
  3. Rolling or spraying the coating onto the roof surface.

When the process is complete, you can enjoy all the excellent benefits of a coated roof.

Count on Capital Coating for Your Rubber Roof

Capital Coating specializes in commercial roof restorations and coatings for your building. With our coating experts, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a waterproof roof that will withstand all the elements. Our coatings work on various materials, including your EPDM roof. If you’re interested in our roof coating services, request a quote today to get started!