Metal Roof Repair

If you have a metal roof on your commercial building, you likely chose it for its energy efficiency and promised longevity. You may have even picked it to be environmentally friendly. Regardless of your reasoning for choosing a metal roof, you want it to work well and survive the elements.

While metal roofs tout high durability levels, they can still encounter rust and loosened fasteners due to the expansion and contraction of the material. When a metal roof experiences these minor issues, it’s possible for leaks to develop. Count on our metal roof repair company, Capital Coating, to get your roof fixed and help keep it and your building protected.

Metal Roof Leak Repair Options

There are a variety of causes for leaks in a metal roof, but there are several repair possibilities, such as:

  • Replacing worn fasteners: The fasteners on metal roofs are subject to the metal’s expansion and contraction. Over time, this can cause them to loosen or wear out. By replacing any worn out or loosened fasteners, you reduce the risk of leaks, though these pieces are likely to need replacing again.
  • Enforcing stack flashings: For HVAC and air vents, some pipes come through your metal roof. The flashings seal those openings and may need reinforcing to prevent leaks.
  • Making a patch: For holes or perforations in your metal roof, creating a patch can help. This process is best completed by a professional contractor, however. A patch may expand and contract at a different rate than the rest of the roof, causing further issues later on if it isn’t installed correctly.
  • Sealing your entire roof: The best way to repair and protect your metal roof is with a roof coating application.

Why You Should Choose Roof Coating

There is a range of benefits to roof coating that could make your metal roof even better. You can use a roof coating to:

  • Protect seams: Roof coating is durable and weatherproof, making it the perfect material for protecting the seams and fasteners of your metal roof from wear. It can even reduce denting from hail or storm debris.
  • Reduce energy usage: While your metal roof reflects heat, you would be able to keep that benefit with a roof coating. With the reflection of heat, you keep your building cooler throughout the day and reduce A/C consumption.
  • Help the environment: With waterproofing and superior protection, you can make your metal roof last longer and reduce waste.

Roof Coating in 3 Steps

Capital Coating can easily and efficiently apply your roof coating to avoid interrupting your building’s daily operations. The three steps we follow for roof coating are:

  1. Thoroughly cleaning the roof of dirt and grime.
  2. Making any necessary repairs.
  3. Applying the coating.

Once we’ve applied the coating, you can enjoy the advantages and the peace-of-mind that comes with a protected roof.

Metal roof coatings help building owners save money. With their reflective properties they push away harmful UV rays instead of absorbing their heat which can ultimately lower the temperature of your roof up to 60%. Commercial metal roofing units can easily hit temperatures as high as 180 degrees, which in turn makes your A/C unit work overtime to cool your building.

When your roof is professionally treated with a roof coating system by an experienced company, you will quickly see the differences in your utility costs and the overall way your roof performs. Because these coatings last for so long and are much more cost-effective than a total roof replacement, they are a priceless investment that will provide long-term ROI for most businesses.

  • Before picture of a rusty commercial roof in need or repair1
  • Red paint is used to coat a rusty rooftop2
  • Screws are covered on a metal roof3
  • Two workers apply material to seal cracks on a commercial roof4
  • Commercial roof coating on a metal roof5
  • White coating on a commercial metal roof6

We’ll Protect Your Metal Roof

BeforeA commercial rooftop with a coatingCommercial metal roof with a protective coating appliedAfter

Metal is recognized as sustainable and long-lasting roofing material, which is why they are such a common choice for commercial building owners. That being said, they can suffer from a few issues, including:

  • Storm damage
  • Pooling water
  • Lifting
  • Rusting
  • Cracks
  • Weathering

There is no need to worry if these problems arise. With a professional roof coating, not only can we improve the functionality of your metal roof, but we are also able to improve the look of it as well. Allow Capital Coating, Inc. the opportunity to provide you a quality roofing system that you will no longer have to worry about. For a roof that can hold up to the test of time, please call us at (717) 442-0979.

Replacement or Coating?

In some instances, a roof can be coated as opposed to a total roof replacement. If you have been told that your roof needs to be replaced, let us provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation roof evaluation. We’ll be able to determine if your roof is eligible for a roof coating which can save you time and money, instead of a costly replacement.

Our roof coatings, also known as cool roof systems, are the best way to protect your roofing investment and we hope you will rely on us to provide that service for you. For an economically friendly, cost-saving roofing option, call us today at (717) 442-0979.

Contact the Metal Roof Repair Contractors at Capital Coating

At Capital Coating, our experienced contractors will apply a coating to your metal roof with ease. You likely chose your metal roof for its durability, and with a quality roof coating, you can make it even stronger. Contact us today to request a quote for our services.