Metal Roof Repair

An estimated 60 billion square feet of metal roofing is installed across the United States with nearly two billion more installed every year.  If you are part of those thousands of property owners in our country that have a metal roof, Capital Coating, Inc. would be happy to provide you with repairs and the necessary maintenance to properly preserve your unit.

Rust damage on a metal roof

Commercial and industrial metal roofs have long been a popular choice for facility owners. They offer effective, water-tight protection and are typically worry-free. However, our roofs are exposed 24/7 to the elements and over time, with the varying temperatures and weather conditions, they are likely to develop issues.

This is where Capital Coating, Inc. steps in. We proudly offer our services around the south eastern portion of the Northeast and would be happy to discuss the many ways we can help you. Call us at (717) 442-0979 and one of our knowledgeable staff members will assist you.

Metal Roof Repair Process

Our repair process is fairly straight forward. There is no need to make this process more complicated than it is.

Paint is applied on the roof of a metal commercial building
  • Roof Inspection – Before any roofing project has begun we provide a no-cost all-points roof inspection. This will help us customize viable repair solutions that will ensure proper functionality of your unit.
  • Discuss – After our inspection our service technician will discuss your repair options so you know, step by step, just how we plan on improving your commercial metal roof.
  • Repair – Once work has begun our team will work efficiently to provide your repairs in a timely manner. We know that it is important for your business to have minimal disruptions so we do our best to ensure efficiency.
  • Quality Control – Your roof is repaired and no longer leaks! Our project manager will wisely use this time for a final walk through to ensure all work was performed correctly and to guarantee you are completely satisfied.

If there are rusted sections and leaky seams that compromise the integrity of your commercial metal roof, don’t hesitate to contact us. Click here so you can request a no-cost metal roof inspection and repair estimate.

Finding the Right Professional

Material added to a metal commercial roof during a repair

To find the right roofing contractor for you, always ask questions.  Request to see insurance and licenses and always, most importantly, go with your instinct. A capable roofing contractor will always answer any questions you may have, show proof of insurance and proper licensing and be able to provide references. Our sales approach is what we consider “hassle-free”. Our salesmen and service technicians are always respectful and will never push you into making a decision.

Let us show you why we are an industry leader. With our service record, knowledgeable staff and respectful sales team, it is no wonder we have been in business so long.