Truck Bay Floor Restoration at Walmart Distribution Center in Allentown, PA

Project Overview

A Walmart distribution center in Allentown had three truck bay floors with coatings that were due for a refresh. The old floors were beaten up and had a lot of chips, damage and many stains and oils spots.

The truck bays were in constant use with heavy rolling jacks and tools being dragged across the floor frequently.

The flooring system we designed would provide the durability and strength needed for the environment while curing quickly, so the bays could be put back into service as quickly as possible.

Location: Allentown, PA
Size: 5,800 sq ft
Price Range: $75,000 - $85,000
Project Type(s): Flooring


  • Preventing workers from walking on the uncured floor.
  • Fixing the footprints of workers walking on the uncured floor.
  • Purchasing materials due to shortages.


We installed a five-layer, high-solids cementitious urethane floor. Urethane is a popular choice for shop bays and heavy-use commercial floors for its strength and durability. A floor coated with a cementitious urethane is impervious to liquids. The floor also won’t stain easily, oils won’t soak in, and it’s easy to keep clean.


  • Designed as a mixed system of cementitious urethane and epoxy, the floor is incredibly durable and will hold up well in this busy commercial repair shop.
  • The floor is easy to rejuvenate. In the future when the floor is ready for a ready for a re-coat, less work will be required to restore it to like-new condition.
  • Grit was installed on the final layer to increase traction and reduce slip risk.
  • The top layer of epoxy is highly resistant to the chemicals and oils that will be used in this shop.

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