Interior Spray Foaming

Interior Spray Foaming

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Worker applying spray foam insulation.

What is Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray polyurethane foam, or more commonly known as SPF, is a plastic that is applied with a sprayer and forms a seamless insulated barrier for the interior of your home or commercial facility. It is made by combining specific components at the job site to create the foam. When combined, the liquids react and begin to expand sealing gaps and creating a protective barrier. It is highly sought after due to its ability to effectively reduce unwanted air infiltration, its ability to be a moisture barrier, and its resistance to heat transfer.

For new construction, when is the spray foam installed?

Spray foam will be installed after framing and mechanical inspections have passed.  It is installed before sheetrock is installed.

Is SPF more expensive than fiberglass insulation?

There is a higher upfront cost when compared to fiberglass insulation, but overtime you will see a significant saving in your energy costs with SPF.

Does interior spray foam outperform other insulation?

Spray foam creates an air-tight barrier that other insulation options do not. This is what makes it the superior choice for your home or commercial building.

What is the difference between closed cell and open cell SPF?

Closed-cell and open cell both provide thermal and air barriers that will protect your building. Open-cell will allow water to move through it and dry, while closed cell will not allow for water infiltration.

Does it help with noise reduction?

Since spray foam insulation is so dense, it does help with lowering outside noise. However, defining exactly how much noise will be reduced is difficult to determine.

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The inside of a facility getting spray foam applied to it

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