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Industrial Flooring Specialties

We have the experience to analyze your warehouse or facility flooring needs and provide solutions that meet rigorous standards across various industries including pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, manufacturing, and government.

A man applying an epoxy floor coating.


The pharmaceutical industry is incredibly strict when it comes to operating standards and the importance of having a safe, sterile, and hygienic environment is not to be overlooked.

We can design a flooring solution for any part of your facility that meets rigorous industry standards and ensures the safety of your facility, employees, and consumers.

Pharmaceutical Flooring Solutions

red industrial flooring with sugar vats

Food and Beverage

Preventing contamination is critical to any food and beverage manufacturing facility. Seamless floors are ideal for the food and beverage industry.

Our epoxy flooring solutions are seamless and meet industry standards that allow you to maintain a safe, sterile, and hygienic facility.

Food & Beverage Industry Flooring

New gray epoxy floor in a commercial garage.


We design our flooring solutions to handle the demands of manufacturing facilities, warehouses, assembly lines, workshops, factories and other places of heavy production.

No matter the type of manufacturing your facility performs, we have floor coatings to do the job.

Manufacturing and Industrial Flooring

A flooring repair project at a local trade school.


Our team will work with government officials to provide a value-engineered, longer-lasting, durable solution that fits into the budget required and a project timeline that reduces disruption to government operations.

We ensure that all areas of your facility have the appropriate flooring type, allowing you to ensure the safety in your workplace and of all who enter your building.

Government Flooring Solutions

Flooring for Industrial Facilities

Industrial floors are some of the most abused assets in every facility. They are exposed to caustic and acid cleaners, forklift traffic, pallets, equipment, hydraulic fluid, heavy inventory, corrosive ingredients and much more.

It’s critical to understand the requirements for your facility’s flooring and to find an industrial flooring contractor with the experience and equipment to assess and specify the proper application for your project.

A man applying an epoxy floor coating.

Trusted Capabilities

Capital Coating has more than 20 years of service records to back up our dedication to client satisfaction and high-quality results throughout Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. With our in-house experts, we have the expertise and skill to find you the right flooring solutions.

We help our clients choose the best industrial epoxy floor coatings for their needs. If you aren’t sure which type of floor coating with help you meet various industry standards, we can answer your questions and help you compare options.

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