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Commercial Roof Maintenance

Your commercial roof protects equipment and other business assets from damage, shields customers and workers from the elements, helps regulate indoor temperature and contributes to your building’s appearance. Because your business needs a properly functioning roof to carry out daily operations, facility maintenance plans must take roof maintenance into account.

No roof is immune to damage. Storms, heat waves and other conditions can cause a roof to degrade over time. If ignored, small concerns can quickly turn into big problems requiring costly and disruptive repairs or even complete roof replacement. Thankfully, routine roof maintenance can help prevent the need for extensive emergency repairs.

At Capital Coating, we can provide ongoing roof maintenance tailored to your needs. Keep your roofing asset in good condition and ensure operations continue without interruption when you join our roof maintenance program.

Finished Commercial Warehouse Roof

Our Commercial Roof Maintenance Services

A commercial roof maintenance program reduces the need for emergency service by addressing minor roofing weaknesses before they turn into major problems. The knowledgeable contractors at Capital Coating can provide maintenance for a wide variety of roof types, including metal roofs, foam roofs, EPDM roofs and flat roofs, all of which have unique maintenance requirements and vulnerabilities. Flat roofs, for example, may experience issues with pooling water. To provide the best possible service, we tailor our roof maintenance program to every client’s individual needs.

When you choose us to perform ongoing commercial roof maintenance, we will plan our work around your company’s schedule and prioritize the maintenance tasks you deem most important. Although maintenance visits vary depending on the condition of your roof and your specific concerns, a typical maintenance appointment will include a thorough inspection of:

  • Rivets, bolts and other components that could become loose
  • Seams and cracks where water could seep through the roof
  • Low points where water could pool
  • The entire roofing system, looking for signs of movement
  • Other components like rooftop units and drainage systems

During the inspection, we will remove all debris located on the roof. If we identify any problems that need to be repaired now or in the future, we will explain all your options and complete the work efficiently. Finally, we will clean up our equipment and leave until your next scheduled maintenance visit. You can even schedule our visits in advance.

Our skilled workers applying a protective coating to a flat commercial roof.

Benefits of Ongoing Roof Maintenance

In addition to preventing large repairs, ongoing roof maintenance provides the following benefits for commercial and industrial businesses:

  • Reduced ownership cost: Paying for regular roof maintenance visits costs less than paying for emergency repairs or a total roof replacement. Roofs that receive proper maintenance tend to last longer, making your investment go further.
  • Recorded roof history: To stay within the terms of your roof’s warranty, you may need to perform certain maintenance tasks. A professional roof maintenance contractor like Capital Coating will keep a record of the maintenance and repairs performed on your roof. Proper documentation can help you remain in compliance with industry regulations and reduce your company’s liability.
  • Peace of mind: If you manage an industrial facility, you have plenty of maintenance tasks to keep track of. With ongoing roof maintenance, we handle some of the burden for you. When scheduled at recurring intervals, your facility’s roof maintenance will always get done on time.
  • Ability to plan ahead: Major roof repairs can be disruptive, requiring you to temporarily shut down operations. With ongoing maintenance, you can plan ahead for repairs. We can complete inspections and most other maintenance tasks while your business continues to operate as usual.

Our roof maintenance program can prevent many of the problems associated with emergency roof repairs. In the event that a more significant repair or replacement becomes necessary, Capital Coating can assist you with next steps.

Our skilled workers applying a protective coating to an industrial building roof.

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We have experience serving clients in a range of commercial and industrial industries, including food processing, warehousing and distribution, pharmaceuticals manufacturing, retail and hospitality. To protect your company’s assets, our contractors strictly adhere to all rules and safety guidelines while on site.

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