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Commercial Roof Inspection

Your commercial roof plays an important role in your business’s ability to operate safely and effectively. A properly functioning roof protects the inside of your facility from contaminants, shields your equipment from inclement weather and keeps workers and customers comfortable throughout the year. A leaking or damaged roof can quickly disrupt a business’s activities and impact its profitability. You may be able to observe severe roof damage just by looking. Other types of damage may require a trained eye. Having your commercial roof inspected regularly helps ensure your roofing asset remains in good condition. At Capital Coating, we conduct commercial roof inspections for facilities in a range of industries. During an inspection, our knowledgeable contractors search for any signs of damage that may need repair or replacement now or in the future. We can assess roof types including gravel, metal, cement, foam, asphalt and EPDM.
A metal commercial roof.

Hail Damage Roof Inspections

Hail storms can cause billions of dollars of damage to commercial and residential property annually. Formed during thunderstorms, hailstones vary in size, with some large enough to dent or even pierce through a roof. Damage from a hail storm can lead to leaks and other serious issues with a commercial roof, so it’s a good idea to schedule a professional inspection after a bad hail storm or other severe weather events.

During a commercial roof inspection, Capital Coating will look for both large and small signs of roof damage. During a typical inspection, our team will:

  • Evaluate the overall status of the roof and its components
  • Inspect caps, ridges and drip edges
  • Inspect the water drainage system and look for signs of drainage problems
  • Look for signs that the roofing asset may be moving
  • Check features like metal roof flashings
  • Search for cracks and other concerns

Benefits of Commercial Roof Inspection

Commercial roof inspection by the trained and experienced professionals at Capital Coating can help you maintain compliance with industry requirements, document your roof’s history for potential insurance claims and limit your business’s liability.

Inspections can also help lower your overall roof ownership costs by bringing small issues to your attention early, before they can develop into serious structural problems. When combined with preventive maintenance and appropriate repairs, this can extend the roof’s functional lifespan.

Office Building Being Covered

Contact Capital Coating to Schedule Your Roof Inspection

At Capital Coating, we understand the essential role that roof inspection plays in facility maintenance. That’s why we conduct a thorough inspection of your commercial roof before starting any work. If we discover a potential issue with your roof, we can recommend a roof coating or fluid applied membrane to meet your business’s needs. Our contractors work efficiently so you can return to work as quickly as possible.

Our safety-trained workers follow facility guidelines and schedule their work at a time that’s convenient for you. To request a commercial roof inspection for your industrial facility or business, call (717) 442-0979 or contact us online today. We serve clients in PennsylvaniaMaryland, New Jersey and Delaware.

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