Emergency Commercial Roof Repair Services

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Emergency Commercial Roof Repair

Your commercial or industrial building’s roof plays an essential role in your business’s operations. A functioning roof keeps workers and guests comfortable, protects against harsh weather and prevents damage to machinery and other assets. When a roof becomes damaged or unsafe, you may need to pause operations until repairs are complete.

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    Emergency Commercial Roof Repair

    If you’re a facilities manager, there’s no worse feeling than discovering an issue you couldn’t prevent. Somewhere at the top of the list has to be a leaky roof. Most commercial roofs are either flat or low pitch, meaning that the smallest puncture can suddenly turn into a major leak. Even the best preventive maintenance plan cannot stop a roof from eventually wearing or taking damage from a passing storm.

    At Capital Coatings, we understand that leaky roofs are a real emergency. Your roof is the protective barrier between your building and the outside elements. When that layer gets compromised, your whole team suffers, both within the maintenance department and the entire company. We know the stress you’re under, and we’re here to help.

    When Commercial Roof Emergencies Strike

    When it comes to unexpected leaks, water damage affects more than just the roof. The walls and the floors below are also subject to harm. A common issue we see with commercial roof leaks is falling ceiling tiles with unsightly water stains. Even worse, ruined equipment can result in severe financial and productivity losses. As you rush to dry out the building with fans or dehumidifiers, you may wonder if you need to shut down until you can schedule an emergency roof repair for your commercial property.

    Besides leaks, damaged roofs can drive up utility costs. The roof is a central part of your building’s thermal envelope, and any hole can leak in air and send your HVAC system into overdrive. Water damage can further contribute, soaking through and ruining insulation. The troubles don’t end there. Wet floors can pose a slipping hazard. If you don’t mop wet floors and place appropriate signage in time, your HR department might get involved. Leaks that went unnoticed for too long can attract insects, adding another strain on your maintenance staff.

    On top of all the ensuing issues, you still have to deal with the cause of the problem. The average cost to replace a flat roof can range from $5-$10 per square foot, which is no small job. If failure was unexpected, you might not have the budget to cover repair costs. With the financial strain from damaged equipment or other issues, finding room for a repair or replacement cost is stressful.

    And, where do you even begin when it comes to finding a roofer to make the repair? If you had the roof installed or repaired recently, and it failed again, you may be wary of bringing in the same contractor. Emergency commercial roof repairs in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware often correlate with nasty weather. An uptick in hail, wind and storm damage draws in untrustworthy storm chasers, who will be unavailable as soon as you notice an issue. Some roofers can have slow response times, only made worse by an increase in local emergency repairs.

    How do you find a fast, reliable solution that won’t cost more than you can afford?

    Emergency Roof Repair Process

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    A guide to when you should request emergency roof repair or replacement.

    In dealing with a damaged roof, the first step is to determine if a replacement or repair is warranted. A roof emergency needs immediate professional attention to preserve your roof’s structural integrity and your business’s profitability.

    You should always contact a trusted roofing professional if your roof’s safety is at stake. At Capital Coating, we understand that every moment you wait for emergency roof repair is a moment your team loses productivity. That’s why we respond as quickly as possible to every emergency service request, big or small.


    Emergency Commercial Roof Repair Solutions by Roof Type

    When weighing replacement versus repair, it’s helpful to see what solutions are available. Each type of commercial roof has a unique material and repair process. The good news is that there are innovative solutions for commercial roof emergencies, which can stop leaks and other damages. They’re often faster and more affordable than traditional replacements.

    Facilities Manager

    You can identify leaks in BURs in spots where the gravel is missing. In flat roofs, where leaks tend to spread sideways, it can be challenging to pinpoint the leaks’ source. A temporary fix involves clearing off the gravel and cutting out the blisters and cracks causing leaks. The cut-out sections can then be filled in with tar and patched with fabric, then recovered with tar and gravel. This solution will only work in the short-term. Eventually, the entire roof will need replacement.

    A practical alternative is a fluid-applied membrane roof coating for BUR commercial roofs. Instead of patching up the leak, a seamless, waterproof membrane adheres to the entire roof. It eliminates the need to pinpoint leaks and covers those that may spring outside the focus of a patch job.

    An infographic explaining the challenges of locating a leak in a flat roof.

    Built-Up Roof (BUR) or Tar & Gravel

    One of the oldest materials used for commercial flat roofs is a combination of tar and gravel, known as a Built-up roof (BUR). It is like the materials found on asphalt shingles. For commercial applications, it usually comes in rolls. They can have many layers of reinforced, asphalt-saturated fabric and bitumen to increase the strength of the roof. BURs can make repairs more difficult since patching up one area isn’t a viable long-term solution. The fact that most are multi-ply can also complicate the process.

    Thermoplastic Materials

    Flexible membrane roofs are typical for commercial roofs because they are lightweight and easy to install. While they can all be repaired similarly, there are many types of thermoplastic roofs. The most common are polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO).

    PVC roofing sheets have a layer of polyester sandwiched between two layers of PVC. They are always single-ply and are sealed at the seams using hot-air welding. Although similar to PVC, TPO is less expensive. The seams are also heat-welded together, allowing for a continuous sheet.

    There are two quick fixes when it comes to TPO and PVC roofs. However, both can be impractical. The first option is to patch the leak using some leftover roofing material. To heat-weld it, you’ll need access to electricity and a hot-air welding tool. As a building manager, you may not have these tools or the material required for a patch job, and you may void your warranty by doing so. The other option is to patch it with more readily-available asphalt mastic. This method can cause more damage, which a roofer will need to repair with a permanent fix. When the roof is repaired professionally, the asphalt-covered area will need to be cut out and replaced with new roofing material.

    To avoid making an extensive repair, you can choose to apply a coating, such as an elastomeric roof coating. These can provide a commercial emergency roof repair with lasting results. They can last between 10 and 20 years, and can often be applied a second time. It’s a solution approved by most manufacturers, so you will not have any warranty issues so long as you choose a reputable provider, like Capital Coating.

    Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM)

    More commonly known as rubber or thermoset roofing, EPDM comes in white or black rolls. It is single-layer, lightweight and easy to install, like TPO and PVC. The major downside is that it is thin and can puncture easily from debris, hail or footfalls. If your EPDM has experienced a puncture, it’s vital to get it fixed as soon as possible to avoid major water damage. Unlike PVC and TPO, the seams are adhesive-bonded, which makes them more prone to leaks.

    An EPDM roof that’s over five years old may not be worth patching. After years of exposure to UV rays and heat, the adhesive starts to wear out. So, as soon as you’ve patched one area, another area is bound to fail. When going for a traditional solution, your options are to enter into a constant cycle of repairs or get the whole roof replaced.

    Instead, you can patch the leak and seal off the entire EPDM roof from future punctures with a waterproof fluid-applied membrane. It offers a fast application technique that can help you quickly mitigate damage and get your building back in order.


    Metal roofing is a fantastic option for many commercial roofs because of its durability and 60-year maximum lifespan. With a roofing investment meant to last, it can be frustrating to have the roof replaced prematurely. Even a gap in the metal panels less than a quarter-inch can cause major leaking and damage. Rust can further compound an issue.

    You can use a coating instead of a full repair or replacement and save yourself time and money in some instances.

    Coating & Patching

    Patching a metal roof involves cleaning out debris, replacing loose or rusted nails and recementing loose caulking. It’s a much more involved process than patching single-ply membranes or tar and gravel roofs. It’s best to work with a professional contractor for metal roof repairs. You can use a coating instead of a full repair or replacement and save yourself time and money in some instances. Foam coatings can fill in the gaps in metal panels before drying into a rigid, insulating seal. Even if extensive damage warrants replacement, coating it afterward can protect it from rusting, storm damage or lifting.

    Our Commercial Emergency Roof Repair Process

    Whether you’re experiencing a leak in one spot, or the entire roof has given way to time or debris, Capital Coating can help. We offer emergency commercial roof repair in Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Most roofs and damage can be repaired with a fluid applied coating, so we’ll never recommend a full replacement unless you absolutely need it.

    Our Top Recommendation: Emergency Commercial Roof and Leak Repair Coatings

    A fantastic alternative to expensive repairs and replacement is a roof coating system. A waterproof protective coating can add years to a roof’s useful life and can even be applied more than once. Instead of tearing out or patching up sections of a damaged roof, this seamless barrier covers up cracks, bubbles and other damage. It resolves your immediate issue by stopping any leaks while also preventing more.

    At Capital Coatings, we offer an elastomeric liquid coating material that can be applied to nearly any commercial roof. It has an entirely watertight seal and is a fraction of the cost and time investment of a total roof replacement. We know how critical speedy service is when a roof is leaking, and your building operations are suspended or disrupted. Our highly-trained technicians will spray on an elastomeric coating quickly, without the usual interruptions involved with a roof replacement.

    For extra protection, we can add a seamless SPF coating underneath the waterproofing. Besides added energy efficiency afforded by its insulating properties, SPF foam can fill all cracks and dips to create an even surface and prevent water pooling. We can apply it quickly without interruption to your daily operations. It’s a thick barrier that can protect against hail and fallen debris, so your roof will be covered during the next storm or emergency.

    The Capital Coating Method

    The knowledgeable contractors at Capital Coating use a four-step process to address a variety of roof emergencies:

    1 Inspection

    When we first arrive on-site, we conduct a thorough inspection and examination of your roof. We will identify the cause and location of the problem and determine whether your roof needs a few simple repairs or complete commercial roof replacement.

    2 Estimate

    After the inspection, we discuss the extent of the damage with you, explain possible repair and replacement options, and whether a roof coating will work for you. We can provide an accurate estimate and answer any questions you may have, so you can make an informed choice for your facility.

    3 Repair

    Whether you choose a fluid applied membrane or another solution, our team completes repairs quickly and accurately using state-of-the-art tools and equipment. We follow all rules and guidelines while on the premises and keep interruptions to a minimum.

    4 Quality Control

    Once the repairs are finished, we complete one final inspection to check for proper work quality and ensure your satisfaction.

    Throughout the entire repair, we work hard to ensure you receive efficient, timely service. To offer the best possible experience, we power our repair process with RoofLogic. Our technology allows us to track your repairs and document daily progress to keep you informed. Using RoofLogic, we can walk you through your options and our repair methods using images from your own roof.

    By tracking and managing our current service workload, the technology also speeds up our response time for emergency repair services. We do our best to put emergencies at the top of our queue, meaning we can repair your roof even faster.

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    Over the years, Capital Coating has built strong relationships with our clients thanks to our excellent emergency commercial roof repair services in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey. Whether you work in warehousing and distribution, food processing, pharmaceuticals manufacturing, restaurants or another industry, you can count on our safety-trained and insured professionals to complete emergency repairs correctly.

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