Commercial Painting Services


Paint protects the outside of your building, creates a mood and communicates something important about your business. A newly painted commercial building shows customers that you care about quality and attention to detail — when the job is done right.

Painting a commercial or industrial building can be a large undertaking. You want to ensure every inch of your building receives a quality coat of paint. However, you also need to keep operational disruption to a minimum. You may want to consider hiring commercial painting contractors when updating your building’s interior, when your building’s paint begins to flake or peel, or when moving your business into a building that previously served a different purpose.  Or, if you’re operating a food or pharmaceutical facility, every Quality Control person knows that peeling paint is a big issue in every FDA inspected plant.  If the paint is peeling, then it’s likely the wrong industrial coating system was specified.

At Capital Coating, we understand the essential role paint plays in the success of your business. We offer both commercial and industrial painting services, which allows us to serve clients in retail, housing, hospitality, warehousing and many other industries.

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Industrial Painting for Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey

Capital Coating is a commercial painting company that has been serving clients for more than 20 years. Primarily operating in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland, we handle all aspects of the commercial painting process — from planning and surface preparation to project completion. In the past, we have successfully painted stores, restaurants, apartment buildings, condominiums, hotels, warehouses, corporate offices and other commercial buildings.

If you’re searching for commercial painting companies to paint your industrial facility or storefront, you know that businesses have their own painting challenges. While residential painting projects can often be completed using simple brushes and rollers, industrial painting projects require methods capable of covering large amounts of surface area quickly and completely.

At Capital Coating, we focus on serving industrial and commercial clients, and our commercial painting contractors are well-versed in the techniques and methods necessary to produce excellent results.

Interior Painting

A Capital Coating employee applies paint on a commercial facility's wall

Your building’s interior paint impresses customers and sets the tone for all interactions. Our industrial painting contractors can help you select a color that’s right for your space. To avoid disturbing your workers and customers, we will schedule our interior painting services around your schedule. When painting inside, we take every precaution to protect your assets.

We start out by providing a comprehensive summery of our commercial painting process and plan for your project. Then, our team of experienced painters will complete the job as outlined. If you have a vision for your building’s completed interior, we will work with you every step of the way to make that vision a reality.

Exterior Painting

Colored roof coating job complete at a commercial facility

The outside of your commercial building is just as important as the inside. Working in conjunction with carpentry and building maintenance, painting services help your building make a good first impression. A well-painted exterior can communicate the tone of your business and entice potential customers to come inside.

To ensure timely project completion, a project manager supervises our exterior painting projects. We work with you to select a paint that’s appropriate for your business and the local climate to meet your exact specifications.

Our Industrial Painting Process

Workers apply protective paint on the outside walls of a building

The industrial painting process is fundamentally different than the residential painting process. Our contractors are constantly learning about industry best practices to deliver high-quality results to every client. Although we paint buildings with a wide variety of purposes and needs, our process follows the same basic steps:

  1. Planning

    Choosing the right paint is a critical first step in any painting project. You need to choose a paint capable of withstanding the conditions inside and outside of your building, and you must also select an appropriate color. During the planning phase, our knowledgeable contractors can help you choose the paint and application method that will best serve your needs.  Does the area need a chemical resistant coating?  Does it need to be UV stable?  Does it need to offer rust-inhibitors?  Does the coating need to have low or zero VOC’s?  These are some of the important questions we’ll be asking you, so that we know exactly what your facility needs to prevent coating failure in the future.

  2. Surface preparation

    Before painting can begin, it’s important to remove any existing coats of paint and clean the surface to be painted. This promotes proper paint adhesion. Using a pressure washer, abrasive sand blaster, hand tool, or solvent cleaner, our team will carefully remove paint, rust, dirt and any other substances that could affect the success of the paint job.

  3. Painting

    Once the walls, ceiling, CMU block, concrete, or structural steel have been prepared, we will begin painting. Our commercial painting contractors paint efficiently and pay close attention to detail. They also take care to protect the floors and any other business assets inside or near your building.

  4. Quality assurance 

    After painting is complete, we will clear away our painting equipment. The project manager will then conduct a final walkthrough, looking for any defects in the work that need to be corrected. At this time, we can also answer any questions you may have. Capital Coating is dedicated to your satisfaction, so please let us know if you have any concerns.

A Range of Color Options

Every building is unique. To complement structures and spaces of varying sizes and designs, we offer a wide range of colors for our clients to choose from, including bright colors that catch the eye and subtle colors that transform bland rooms into spaces for relaxation. If you aren’t sure what color will best serve your business practically and aesthetically, we can provide recommendations based on our experience.

Contact Capital Coating for Commercial Painting Services

Whether you operate an industrial facility or manage a restaurant, paint plays an essential role in your success. Choosing an experienced industrial painting company like Capital Coating can help ensure the job is done correctly the first time. Our contractors are safety trained and certified, so you can trust us to provide a high-quality finished product.

Our customers in the Northeast recognize us for our helpful customer service and competitively priced solutions. We strive to build strong, long-term relationships with all our clients. In addition to commercial painting, we offer epoxy flooring and commercial roof coating services. You can come to us for help improving many aspects of your facility.

To learn more about the services we offer and schedule your commercial painting project, contact us today.