Single Ply Roofing Souderton PA

As the most popular roofing systems available on the market, single ply roofing options are helping business owners and property managers throughout the country. They are extremely cost-effective, can be applied quickly to a variety of facilities, and they last for decades! When you’re in need of professional single ply roofing services for your property in Souderton, PA, we’d be honored if you’d turn to our team. With over 20+ years’ experience, we can help guide you to the right single ply option for your needs. Call us at 717-442-0979 to get started.

Single Ply Roofing Types

There are three different types of single ply roofing, all of which our team is familiar with. In order to determine which option is best for you, we will work with you to find out the goals you have for your facility and your budget. We will then recommend the best option based on your unique needs. Your three options include:


This is commonly referred to as “rubber roofing,” and is one of the most popular membranes available. It is durable, easy to install, low maintenance, and budget friendly. Of the three membranes, this one is the most affordable. They have been shown to last up to 40 years, but they do have a dark surface. If energy efficiency is a priority, a roof coating can be applied over the top of your new roofing system.


This single ply system is white and reflective, making it an energy efficient option. It can be attached mechanically or fully adhered and is known for its durability.


This is the top of the line in terms of single ply roofing options. The PVC systems are durable, low maintenance, and have a white surface. They are heat applied, making them the most stress-free option of the bunch. However, with the benefits comes a bit of an added cost.

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To help determine which single ply option is right for you, we’ll come to your Souderton, PA facility and provide a detailed inspection. You can count on our team to provide trusted single ply roofing options based on your personal needs. To start, call 717-442-0979.