Single-Ply Roofing Hermitage, PA

Do you need a single-ply roofing repair, maintenance, restoration, inspection, or replacement? Capital Coating offers all of these services and more for clients in Hermitage, PA. We have well over 20 years of experience in working with a variety of single-ply roofs. This includes EPDM, PVC, TPO, and PIB. For a free onsite estimate on any needed commercial roofing service, call Capital Coating at (717) 442-0979.

The Pros To Single-Ply Roofing

Single-ply roofing is known for being both affordable and long-lasting. It’s generally easy to install, maintain, and repair. Many types of single-ply roofing materials are environmentally-friendly, and they can even help make your building more energy-efficient. As you’ll see, each type of single-ply roofing has its own unique benefits.


Commonly referred to as rubber roofing, EPDM is a durable and affordable roofing solution. This type of single-ply roofing has been known to last several decades. When it is time to be replaced, the material is fully recyclable.


PVC comes in a variety of colors which allows you to choose a roof that suits your building. Since PVC roofs are very flexible, they are often the go-to for uneven roof surfaces. PVC is also known for its chemical resistance.


If making your building more energy-efficient is one of your main priorities, TPO might be the best choice for you. TPO has a high level of reflectivity to prevent the sun from heating up your building. It’s also quite durable and resistant to the elements.

Roof Coatings

Single-ply roofing systems are very compatible with roof coatings. If you’re looking for a single-ply roofing repair or replacement, it may be best for you to just have your roof coated. This will prevent future issues and is a much more affordable service than a full roof replacement.

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Don’t wait to have your single-ply roof repaired, restored, or replaced. The longer you wait, the more costly the services may be. Capital Coating is the commercial roofing contractor of choice for clients in Hermitage, PA. For a free onsite evaluation, call us today at (717) 442-0979.