Restoration of a Ballasted EPDM Roof on a School Building

A large ballasted EPDM roof.
Before – Restoration of a Ballasted EPDM Roof
A large ballasted EPDM roof.
During – Restoration of an EDPM Roof
Restored ballasted EPDM roof on a school building.
After – Finished Coating Application

Restoration of a Ballasted EPDM Roof on a School Building

May 16, 2017

When a school in the Delaware Valley School District approached Capital Coating, Inc. about a major repair to a 120,000 sq. ft., ballasted EPDM roof, we were up to the challenge. In fact, Capital Coating was able to design a special roofing system that allowed us to effectively repair the roof within the client’s budget while minimizing the downtime incurred. Repairing the existing roof was 50% of the cost of a brand new roof while delivering on quality expectations backed by a 10-year, no-dollar-limit warranty.

We made sure our roof repair offered the required integrity and durability by carefully inspecting and surveying the site, before proceeding with the design/build. We diligently prepared and high-pressure washed the surface, then moved on to the actual roof restoration using acrylic/elastomeric and urethane coatings with a reinforced fabric mat. The coatings were fluid-applied, fully reinforced, seamless, fully adhered to, and waterproof.

It took us four weeks to complete the restoration and ensured that we met the Cool Roof Rating Council, Energy Star, and Factory Mutual standards. To learn more about why this school district was satisfied with the results, please see below and contact us directly.

Highlights of this Ballasted EPDM Roof Restoration Project

Product Description We repaired a ballasted EPDM roof of a school building.
 Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary:
Site Survey
Roof Restoration
Surface Preparation
High Pressure Washing

  • 10 Years
  • No Dollar Limit
 Size of Roof 120,000 Square Feet
 Products Worked With Acrylic/Elastomeric Coating
Urethane Coating
Reinforced Fabric Mat
 Product Features Fluid Applied
Fully Reinforced
Fully Seamless
Full Adhered
Waterproof Membrane
 Industry for Use Educational
Public School
 Turnaround Time 4 Weeks
 Delivery Location Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania
 Standards Met CRRC (Cool Roof Rating Council)
Energy Star
FM (Factory Mutual)
 Project Name Roof Restoration of a School Building