Rubber Roof Repair Souderton PA

Rubber roofs are one of the most popular roofing substrates, covering millions of square footage throughout the United States. However, no roofing material is perfect. It will eventually require repairs in order to properly protect your facility. That’s where our team comes in. At Capital Coating, we’re here to help your Souderton, PA property with the rubber roof repairs required. To set up a no-obligation estimate, call 717-442-0979.

Common Issues with Rubber Roofs

All roofing substrates have their pros and cons. Rubber roofs are easy to install, incredibly affordable, and have a long life expectancy. However, with roofs that are made from rubber (also commonly known as EPDM), you could see some of these issues:

Leaking at Seams – Rubber roofs are not seamless, which means that the pieces could separate, allowing water to flow through.

Ponding Water – The water that sits atop your membrane for 48 hours after it rains can cause the EPDM to deteriorate. This can be caused by improper drainage or installation issues, but it’s important to be addressed immediately as it can rot away large sections of your roof.

Membrane Shrinkage – Your roof is constantly exposed to nature, which can cause the membrane to shrink over time.

Punctures and Tears – Anything that punctures or rips your membrane can allow water to infiltrate your facility. This could be caused by limbs, foot traffic, storm damage, or other debris.

Blow Offs – High winds can cause your rubber roof to uplift, which will require a professional to properly adhere it once again.

The dark membrane of EPDM roofs can cause your energy costs to rise as well. In this instance, we would suggest a reflective roof coating.

Call For a Rubber Roof Repair Estimate

The best thing you can do is call a professional anytime you notice a problem with your rubber roof. Having it handled swiftly and proficiently can minimize the damage and help save you money. If your Souderton, PA facility is in need of rubber roof repairs, please call 717-442-0979. We will have one of our trusted technicians provide you with a detailed course of action.