Rubber Roof Repair Moon, PA

While it’s essential that your rubber roof stays in optimal condition, it’s not always apparent whether your rubber roof needs repairs or not. Rubber roofs are strong and durable and can last for 30 years or more, but your rubber roof will require maintenance, and possibly repairs, from time to time. When you need rubber roof repair in Moon, PA, call the professionals at Capital Coating at (717) 442-0979. We can inspect your rubber roof and give you an accurate report on the condition of your roof. If repairs need to be done, we have affordable, long-term options for your rubber roof.

Visual Inspection

One of the first things that we look for when we inspect your rubber roof will not be your roof at all. The interior or your structure can often tell as much about your roof as the roof itself. Leaks that can be difficult to track down on the roof’s surface can sometimes be found easily from the interior. Staining on the walls and ceiling of your structure indicate that you have a leak.

A visual inspection of the roof itself will also be done. Drains and gutter will be checked for clogs, and the entire surface will be inspected for soft spots. Soft spots, which are caused by moisture in the decking or insulation, can indicate a leak. We will also check for low or high places. The drip edges will be inspected, and the membrane will be examined for shrinkage. A 1-2% shrinkage is normal, but even this amount of shrinkage can result in several feet over an entire roof surface.

Seams and Transitions

The areas where the sheets of rubber roofing come together are called seams. Seams are held together with tape and adhesive. Over time, the seams can weaken from sun, age, and chemicals causing the seams to weaken and separate, Flashing and the area around HVAC and vents will be checked thoroughly as well.

Damage From Other Sources

Storms, winds, debris, and foot traffic can all cause damages to your rubber roof which could result in the need for your rubber roof repair in Moon, PA. HVAC or other repairmen can unknowingly damage a rubber roof with tools or by leaving behind screws or metal shavings.

Capital Coating has many rubber roof repair options available. From minor patches to roof coatings and restoration to rubber roof replacement, we have a roofing solution that will fit your need and budget. So call us today to schedule your free roofing evaluation at (717) 442-0979.