Rubber Roof Repair Monroeville, PA

Rubber roofs are durable, flexible, and can last for over 30 years which is why they are a popular choice for commercial buildings. That being said, a rubber roof must be maintained with small repairs every now and then to extend its lifespan. For clients in Monroeville, PA in need of a rubber roof repair, call Capital Coating at (717) 442-0979. The quicker you contact us, the sooner we can repair your roof before damage begins to accumulate. We’ll come onsite to give you a free inspection and estimate.


Rubber roofs are tricky because leaks and tears can be difficult to spot. People often only notice that their roof is leaking AFTER it’s already caused damage to the structure. Even when you know you have a leak, finding the weak spot(s) in your roof is still difficult. At Capital Coating, our expert roofers have a keen eye for rubber roof issues. We recommend getting your roof inspected twice per year so that we can repair your roof before any serious damage is done.

Rubber Roof Seams

The seams on a rubber roof are the places where rubber roofing sheets overlap and adhere to each other. This is a common area for leaks to occur if installed incorrectly. Plus, seams can be damaged over time by the sun, weather, age, and chemicals. We’ll pay close attention to the seams of your rubber roof to see if they need any maintenance.


Most of the time, getting a full roof replacement is unnecessary. Instead, measures can be taken to restore your roof so that you can save money on labor and materials. At Capital Coating, we specialize in roof coatings that will greatly extend the life of your roof. Plus, these seamless coatings will make your building more energy-efficient. It reflects over 80% of the sun’s rays which will save you on A/C bills in the future. A roof coating is a watertight, lightweight, and affordable roofing solution.

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Whether you need some minor patching done on your rubber roof, an inspection, or if you’re interested in a roof coating, Capital Coating can help. We provide rubber roof repairs for clients in Monroeville PA. The sooner you call us at (717) 442-0979, the earlier we can catch any potentially damaging problems.