Rubber Roof Repair Horsham, PA

Like any roof, a rubber roof can get a bit finicky in its old age. If the company that installed the roof was substandard, a rubber roof may even begin leaking in the early stages. Of course, there are unforeseeable events like fallen branches or intense hailstorms that can lead to roof damage. Whatever the problem may be, the people of Horsham, PA can call Capital Coating, Inc. at (717) 442-0979 for a rubber roof repair.

Free Roof Inspections

Whenever you suspect that your rubber roof has a problem, Capital Coating, Inc. will be over shortly after you call to inspect your roof for free. It’s recommended to have your commercial roof inspected a couple of times per year in order to maximize its lifespan. Our thorough roof inspections will let us catch roof issues early on and prevent them from becoming anything major.

Common Rubber Roof Issues

Rubber roofs can develop tears or holes in its membrane that can lead to leaking water. Like other kinds of low slope roofs, rubber roofs can begin to separate at the seams. These problems may lead to costly leaks and should be fixed up as soon as possible.

Ponding water is another problem that can develop on low slope roofs. Standing water builds up when a roof is not draining properly. When left unaddressed, ponding water can lead to a premature roof replacement. The roofers at Capital Coating, Inc. have seen it all and will find the best route to take to get your roof back to solid condition.

Rubber Roof Replacements

If your rubber roof is leaking, we’ll check to see if it can be effectively repaired first. If not, it may be time for a new rubber roof. Capital Coating, Inc. will give you a free quote on a new rubber roof. Our team has decades of experience repairing, restoring, and replacing commercial roofs.

Call Us Today!

Capital Coating, Inc. continues to stand apart from the other roofing companies available to clients in Horsham, PA with high-quality roofing services at excellent prices. When your commercial roof is leaking, we provide fast and effective repairs. Get a rubber roof repair from our qualified roofing specialists by reaching out to us today at (717) 442-0979.