Rubber Roof Repair Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

If you are searching Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for a professional company to perform your rubber roof repair, look no further than Capital Coating, Inc.  With over 20 years of service records and technicians that receive ongoing trainings, it’s safe to say that our rubber roof repair services are top-notch.  We have the experience at repairing numerous complex rubber roofing issues.  No rubber roofing problem is too big or too small for our team.

If your rubber roof is showing signs of damage, don’t wait for it to spread.  Call Capital Coating, Inc. for a professional repair.  It’s the best way to minimize costs and keep your roof on the right track!  You can reach us at 717-442-0979.

Repair Solutions

Capital Coating is here to help you address the damaged areas on your rubber roof.  A few of the more common issues that rubber roofs face include:

  • Ponding water on the roofs surface
  • Pooling water under the roof membrane
  • Loose bonds
  • Blisters, bubbles and cracks
  • Punctures and tears
  • Loose bonds
  • UV damage

If you have noticed any of these issues on your commercial rubber roof, please call us to help.

Capital Coating, Inc. is the team you should trust because we stand above the rest.  We are fully licensed and insured, are quality driven, have certified technicians, energy efficient solutions, and have over 20 years experience.  When you work with our team, your rubber roof will be treated like the unique asset that it is.  No two roofs are alike which is why we always start each job off with a thorough roof inspection.

Advanced Repair Technology

Repairs that are patches and stopgap work well for a short period of time.  However, if your rubber roof is continually needing repairs, a more permanent solution could save you more money in the long run.  Rubber roof coatings are a wonderful option because they provide a seamless, water-proof membrane that is applied directly over your current roof.  They cost much less than a full roof replacement, and they are UV-ray resistant, so they not only extend your roof life, they can also lower your energy usage.

If you’re interested in learning about the rubber roof repair solutions available for your roof, call Capital Coating, Inc. at 717-442-0979.