Rubber Roof Repair Exton PA

The roof that sits atop your facility is quietly protecting it from the elements of mother nature. Your equipment, staff, tenants, clients, and inventory are all protected, and your rubber roof is likely the last thing on your mind. That is, until trouble strikes. Like all roofing units, rubber roofs will eventually need repairs. When that day comes, turn to the experts at Capital Coating to provide your Exton, PA with professional rubber roof repairs for your commercial or industrial facility.

We will take the time to come to your facility and inspect your roofing asset. We’ll uncover any signs of damage and provide you with a detailed estimate showing what is needed to correct it. All it takes is a call to our office at 717-442-0979 for a complimentary roof inspection today.

Common Rubber Roof Repairs

Rubber roofs are one of the most popular systems in the roofing industry. The reason is because they are durable, affordable, and provide incredible protection. In fact, they’re applied to millions of square feet throughout the country. But they will eventually be faced with problems. A few of the most common issues that you might see on your rubber roof include:

  • Tears, rips, punctures, blisters
  • Separation at the seams
  • Ponding water on the roofs surface
  • Pooling water under the roofing membrane
  • UV Damage
  • Aging and weathering

In order to keep your unit on the right track, we suggest that you call a professional company at the first sign of damage. This will help put a stop to the immediate problem, and also check your roof for other problems that you need to be aware of.

Call Today for a Complimentary Inspection

If your rubber roof is showing signs that it needs a professional hand, please call 717-442-0979. We will send one of our highly trained technicians to your Exton, PA property and provide you with reliable rubber roof repair solutions, based on your unique needs. Capital Coating is here for you and are ready to exceed your expectations and show you exactly how a professional roofing company operates.