Roof Maintenance, Reading, PA

At Capital Coating, Inc., we are all about saving our customers money and providing high quality, cost competitive commercial roofing services for the Reading, PA, area and surrounding communities. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the customizable roof maintenance programs we offer new and current customers.

By some estimates, neglecting to maintain your roof can almost cut its service life in half. That’s an expensive chance to take on an asset that protects your building. If you are the building owner or property manager of a commercial or industrial building, call Capital Coating, Inc. at (717) 442-0979 today and see how we can help you keep your commercial roof operating at 100%.

Dangers Of Putting Off Maintenance

If you have a commercial building to take care of, then you know that the roof represents a significant portion of its overall investment. Many building owners don’t give much thought to their roof, however, until damages occur, and that is a costly mistake. While taking care of your roof to avoid problems can save you money and extend the life of your roof, neglecting it can lead to several issues:

  • Extensive repair work – This is a no-brainer. With regular inspections by a certified professional, your chances of catching problems while they are small and easily dealt with improve greatly. The longer your roof goes without assessment, the greater the chance that small issues will grow into larger, more expensive problems.
  • Replacement vs. repair or restoration – If your roof is in need of repair, having a professional inspect it and address those needs right away means you are more likely to be able to deal with it through small repairs or, at the most, restoration/roof coatings. However, if your roof is left to fend for itself, over the years, damages can compile and leave you with no other option than a costly, cumbersome roof tear-off and replacement (including all the disposal and landfill fees).
  • Interior damage – One issue commonly associated with roof damage is interior damage. Water loves to penetrate any seam, loose material, or hole it can find on a roof, and can quickly soak insulation, rot wood, encourage toxic mold growth, and ruin ceilings and drywall.

Capital Coating’s Customizable Maintenance Programs

When it comes to your commercial roof, prevention really is the best course of action. That is why, with your best interests in mind, we offer fully-loaded, customizable maintenance programs. Our staff is ready and eager to help you design your perfect program, so call us today at (717) 442-0979.