Roof Maintenance, Philadelphia, PA

Capital Coating, Inc. is the premier full-service commercial roofing contractor of choice for residents and property managers located in Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding communities. Along with our comprehensive roof repair, restoration, and replacement services, we also offer preventative roof maintenance programs.

During our more than 20 years in the roofing industry, one of our focuses has been on educating clients on the importance of taking care of their industrial roof, to pre-empt any major, expensive, or dangerous damages from occurring in the first place. To that end, we offer fully customizable roof maintenance plans. Call us today at (717) 442-0979 or read on for more details.

Common Causes Of Wear & Tear On Commercial Roofs

Your commercial building’s roof takes a beating, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. On nice, warm days, a roof can reach nearly 200 degrees. On cold days, contracting roofing material can strain your roof’s underlying structures. On windy days, your roof is susceptible to uplift. And on rainy or snowy days, standing water can seep into your roof or seek out any miniscule hole in a search for entry into your attic, insulation, and ceiling. There are a host of environmental and circumstantial factors that can wear out your roof:

  • UV exposure
  • Exposure to chemicals
  • Exposure to fluctuating temperatures and weather – wind, precipitation, lightning, etc.
  • Structural movement
  • Vegetative growth – mold, algae, or even grass, in some cases
  • Standing water due to low spots or clogged drains
  • Improper ventilation, leading to condensation and increased interior humidity
  • Pests

Call The Experts

All commercial roofs are susceptible to these issues, regardless of size, slope, or material. As a full-service commercial roofing contractor, Capital Coating, Inc. is familiar with a wide range of roof types and roofing issues. Our certified, friendly technicians are equipped to inspect and diagnose any current and future problems your roof may come up against.

We recommend scheduling your roof for inspection/maintenance at least twice a year (spring and fall) and following any major weather event. Scheduling regular roof maintenance with a professional can make a significant difference in how long your roof lasts and the level at which it performs. Call today for a free estimate – (717) 442-0979