Roof Maintenance, Baltimore, MD

At Capital Coating, Inc., we build customized maintenance programs to help our clients protect their commercial roofs and building assets. We understand that your commercial building’s roof represents a significant percentage of your structure’s overall investment, and so we take every measure possible to protect it and ensure that you get everything and every year you are entitled to.

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Benefits Of A Clean Roof

It’s unavoidable – your roof is going to get dirty. It is exposed to windborne dust and dirt; falling leaves, branches, and sticks; damage from foot traffic; the harsh rays of the sun; and precipitation in all its forms – rain, snow, hail. Even if you invest in a roof coating or other protective measures, environmental exposure can reduce their effectiveness drastically in just a few short years.

The most effective way we’ve found to keep your roof operating at peak performance levels for as long as possible is by keeping it clean and addressing potential problems before they cause unwanted damages. This is where Capital Coating, Inc.’s preventative maintenance plans come into play.

Our maintenance programs include comprehensive inspections scheduled as often as you want them. Regular inspections and small maintenance has been shown to keep your roof performing at full efficiency Each inspection ends with an in-depth report on the roof’s condition and items that need to be addressed, along with a cost estimate. Should your roof need repairs, you can rest easy knowing that Capital Coating, Inc. is also equipped to handle any repairs – small or large – you may need.

Comprehensive Maintenance Programs

Our maintenance plans have been built with quality in mind. We structure our programs to protect your roof over the decades it is intended to last. With that in mind, they include the following:

  • Examine rivets, bolts, or anything that has the possibility of becoming loose.
  • Evaluate seams and layers where water could slip through.
  • Investigate low points in your roof where water can pool.
  • Trace any areas of your roof that show signs of movement.
  • Closely inspect every square foot of your roof for damage or debris.
  • Discover and remove debris, including unclogging of rain gutters or other drain systems
  • Check that all your rooftop units are properly secured.
  • Test the functionality of every rooftop component.
  • Provide a detailed report and cost estimate
  • Provide cost-competitive solutions, including repair, restoration, or replacement

If you have a commercial or industrial roof in need of care, don’t wait for damages to occur before calling a full-service roofing contractor. Avoid problems now by calling Capital Coating, Inc. and getting a maintenance plan in place – (717) 442-0979.