Roof Leak Detection, Upper Darby, PA

Capital Coating, Inc. has been offering roof leak detection services to residents of Upper Darby, PA, and the surrounding areas for more than 20 years. Roof leaks can be difficult to find and diagnose – success is largely dependent on prior experience, quality testing, and reliable workmanship.

At Capital Coating, Inc., our goal is to minimize your frustration and expense by taking care of your leaky roof quickly and permanently. We offer inspection and maintenance services which can help you stay ahead of major leaking disasters, and we are also on-call at (717) 442-0979 in the event of a sudden leak. Call today to get the repair process started.

Roof Leak Detection Services

Every leaky roof we deal with starts with a thorough inspection. Our technicians will observe the roof from the ground, from the top of it, and even from within or under it, to discover where the leak actually originates. Leaks can travel through the roof material, so the location of the actual water or leak can be far removed from the original source. In most cases, the main issue can be traced back to one of the three sources: design flaws, material failure, or poor workmanship.

We conduct both wet and dry leak tests to make sure that we detect every single pinhole without disturbing or destroying your roof. Our electronic leak detection methods help us identify any defects within your roof material and target our repairs.

Capital Coating, Inc. has an outstanding track record of satisfied customers whose leaky roofs we have patched, repaired, or replaced. We stand by our work and are happy to provide references upon request. We believe that there is no better indication of quality work than word-of-mouth from previous happy customers.

The Roof Leak Professionals

Roof leaks should only be assessed and evaluated by a professional roof maintenance expert. We recommend having your roof inspected for moisture and water penetration during your annual or bi-annual inspection to stay ahead of repairs and stave off wood damage and mold growth. Roof leaks are a serious issue; you need to take them seriously, too!

If you see signs of leaks or suspect your roof may have a leak, contact Capital Coating, Inc. today. Dial (717) 442-0979 to schedule a leak detection visit.