Roof Leak Detection Souderton, PA

There are many gorgeous industrial and commercial buildings in Souderton, PA and the surrounding cities. This means that there are several commercial roofs having leaking issues and need repairs. Our crew members have a good eye for leaks and determining what might have caused the leak. If you believe that you have a leak or if you know you have a leak, call the experts at Capital Coating at (717)-442-0979 now.

Why Do Leaks Happen So Frequently?

At Capital Coating leaks are one of the most familiar issues we detect and repair. A couple of risk factors to be cautious of include:

  • Unstable temperatures – substantial enlargement and shrinkage in the roofing materials
  • Harsh weather circumstances- extreme temperatures, storms, relentless UV rays
  • Standing water- this causes deterioration if the roofing materials, particularly on flat roofs
  • Roof/building age- every roof has a certain amount of service time
  • Humidity- creates growth of algae
  • Buildup of debris- opportunities for holes, faster weathering, and tears

How To Avoid Leaks In Your Roof

There are a couple little things that property managers and building owners can do to help prevent leaks in you roof. Some methods you can use to decrease leaking are:

  • Regularly clear the roof of mold, water, and algae
  • Use quality materials when building your roof (including the insulation)- some materials are a lot softer and more vulnerable to deteriorating
  • Maintain your roof- one ounce of prevention is worth one pound of cure
  • Every 6 months you should hire an expert to inspect your roof.

If you follow the steps above you can add many more years onto your roofs lifespan.

Long-Term Resolution

At Capital Coating we look farther than most roofing companies. We provide customers with durable, high quality, long-lasting solutions. We also offer constant inspection plans and maintenance to make sure that your roof is being taken care of and protected for a long time.

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