Roof Leak Detection Gaithersburg, MD

The knowledgeable team at Capital Coating, Inc. takes the stress off the backs of clients who need work done on their roofs. Roof leaks can be difficult to find which can lead to costly water damage and premature roof replacements. Our comprehensive roof leak detection will expose all  leaks and put our roofing specialists in a position to fix them permanently. For a leak-free roof, call Capital Coating, Inc. today at (717) 442-0979.

Don’t Wait To Repair!

As you already know, a new roof is a costly investment. In order to protect this investment and get your full money’s worth out of it, certain measures should be taken to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. With regular roof inspections and timely roof repairs, a roof’s lifespan can be doubled.

When your roof is leaking, the longer you wait the more damage that leak can inflict on the interior of your building as well as the roof itself. This will wind up costing you more on repairs and can potentially force the need for a roof replacement. To avoid these problems, hire Capital Coating, Inc. for regular roof inspections and repairs.

Our Roof Leak Detection

Finding a leak early on can be the difference between a roof that gets replaced and a roof that lasts for another 10+ years. When we inspect your roof, we check the entire membrane for leaks and check for loose flashing, seam separation, and ponding water. Moreover, we’ll look at the ceiling/attic within your building to get a better idea of where water is getting in.

If your roof is leaking, we offer long-lasting repairs, maintenance, and roof restoration services. We can add a roof coating to further protect your roof. With a roof coating, your roof is likely to last over ten years longer.

Call Us Today!

Capital Coating, Inc. has the number one roofing team available to clients in Gaithersburg, MD. Our company is adept in roof leak detection along with roof repairs and any of the other services that may need to follow. For a roof inspection or a free estimate, give us a ring today at (717) 442-0979.