Roof Leak Detection, Allentown, PA

By the time you notice your roof has a leak, it’s usually been there, silently and swiftly (or sometimes slowly, over weeks or months) soaking your roofing material, saturating your insulation, and creating a breeding ground for mold and mildew. The experts at Capital Coating, Inc. have been dealing with leak detection and repair for more than 20 years and are Eastern Pennsylvania’s number one choice for commercial roof repair – large or small.

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8 Common Causes Of Roof Leaks

There are several common situations and environmental factors that contribute to a leaky commercial roof:

  1. Cracked flashing – Metal flashing is often sealed together with tar, which can wear away or deteriorate over time, leaving your flashing exposed to the elements and susceptible to corrosion and cracking, creating an entry point for water when it rains.
  2. Torn or punctured membranes – Membranes that are torn, cracked, punctured or blisters are prime points for water to enter.
  3. Compromised bootings – Bootings are rubber pieces that slip over roof vents or pipes to provide and extra layer of waterproofing or protection. Just like any material, rubber that is exposed to the extreme temperature fluctuations and the sun’s rays day in and day out can weather, crack, and deteriorate over time, leaving your roof vulnerable to moisture and precipitation.
  4. Improperly installed structures – Skylights or other rooftop structures that were improperly installed and sealed or have rotting or decaying insulation around the edges are common entry points for leaks.
  5. Ice dams – During the cold months, water can pool at the roof’s edge and freeze, keeping melting snow from properly draining, straining the roof with excess weight and damaging roofing material via sitting water.
  6. Improper ventilation – When a roof or attic is not properly vented, allowing fresh air to circulate, condensation can buildup, encouraging mold and mildew to grow
  7. Excessive foot traffic – Not all commercial roofs are created equal. Some materials are more susceptible to puncturing, tearing, or ripping under pressure. That is why we at Capital Coating, Inc. recommend only venturing out onto your commercial roof when absolutely necessary, or, better yet, only allowing a trained professional with the proper equipment to do so.
  8. Clogged drains – Like the ice dams, mentioned above, clogged drains due to accumulated debris such as leaves, dirt, and deteriorating shingles can keep water from draining off the roof, causing it to strain under the weight of standing water and creating more opportunities for moisture to seep through the roofing material.

The Capital Coating, Inc. Difference

At Capital Coating, Inc. we understand that customer care and quality workmanship go hand in hand. That is why we set ourselves apart with both. We steadily consider each client’s needs and find the ideal competitively priced solution. We hope to form lasting relationships with all of our clients, and we focus on serving them with world-class customer service and high performance products. Call us today at (717) 442-0979 to begin your partnership with Capital Coating and get your leaks fixed!