Commercial Roof Inspection: Is It Really Worth It?

A yearly roof inspection will detect minor issues before they become major headaches, estimate the remaining life of your roof, and give you peace of mind that your roof won’t fail. You could save thousands in repair work and avoid potential down time just by having your roof inspected each year.

Is it worth it? We think so.

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What You Get From a Roof Inspection With Us

Roof Inspection Report

At the conclusion of the inspection, you will get a report a few days after the inspection is complete. The report will include photos of potential problem areas that should be addressed.


If you would like to move forward with any work based on the report, we will prepare an estimate.

Debris Removal

The technicians will remove debris while performing the inspection.

Roof Inspection FAQ

How do you inspect a commercial roof?
During an inspection, our knowledgeable contractors search for any signs of damage that may need repair or replacement now or in the future. We can assess all roof types including rubber, metal, shingle, foam, asphalt, and EPDM.

What are the most important items to check when inspecting your roof?

During a typical inspection, our team will:

  • Evaluate the overall status of the roof and its components
  • Inspect caps, ridges, and drip edges
  • Inspect the water drainage system and look for signs of drainage problems
  • Look for signs that the roofing asset may be moving
  • Check features like metal roof flashings
  • Search for cracks and other concerns

What is the overall goal of a roof inspection?
Inspections can also help lower your overall roof ownership costs by bringing small issues to your attention early, before they can develop into serious structural problems. When combined with preventive maintenance and appropriate repairs, this can extend the roof’s functional lifespan.

When Was Your Roof Last Inspected?

Our safety-trained workers follow facility guidelines and schedule their work at a time that’s convenient for you. To request a commercial roof inspection for your industrial facility or business, call 717-442-0979 or contact us.