Roof Inspection Upper Darby, PA

For a building owner, roof inspections can be like yearly checkups at the doctor—far too easy to put off in favor of other obligations. However, if you have a roof warranty, did you know that failure to maintain and regularly inspect your roof can lead to the invalidation of your warranty?

Regular roof inspections are important for other reasons, too. If your building is located in the Upper Darby, PA, area, you can rely on the experts at Capital Coating for a variety of professional roofing services, including roof inspections, to keep your roof in good condition for the long haul.

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Roof Inspections: How Often—and How Necessary?

If you think roof inspections aren’t a big deal, think again.

As previously mentioned, most roof warranties mandate regular inspections; failure to have them performed is grounds for cancellation of your warranty.

Roof inspections are important for another coverage-related reason, too. When a professional roofer inspects your roof, typically the inspection will involve thorough documentation of your roof’s condition. If you ever need to file an insurance claim relating to roof damage, this documentation becomes vital in showing your insurance company that the damage was not preexisting. “Preexisting damage” is one of the most common reasons for denial of a roof insurance claim, and regular inspections and documentation will help you avoid that pitfall.

There are other important reasons for regular inspections, as well. It is advised that you have your roof inspected at least twice a year—once before the harshest weather sets in in your area and once again after that season concludes. This helps a roofing contractor identify and address weak spots on your roof before extreme weather sets in, and it also helps a roofer locate weather-related damage after that season is over.

You should additionally have your roof inspected after an adverse event strikes your area that could have potentially damaged your roof, such as an earthquake or a severe storm, to make sure any damage is caught and quickly corrected.

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