Roof Coating Sellersville PA

If you’ve been searching for a way to fend of that expensive roof replacement, while still keeping your facility protected, consider a roof coating. When applied correctly by a professional roofing contractor, these coatings can breathe new life into your worn roof and help it once again operate efficiently. However, if not installed by a professional, you could still be repairing your roof on a regular basis.

The team at Capital Coating is here to help you extend the life of your roof. To start, just call us at 717-442-0979 and we’ll schedule an appointment to assess your Sellersville, PA facility.

Seamless Protection to Your Roof

The coatings that are applied to your roofing membrane will not only provide additional life to your system, they also provide seamless protection. Water infiltration will no longer be an issue with these coatings! They are liquid applied directly over your existing roof and provide these additional benefits:

  • Extend your roof life for up to two decades
  • Restore efficiency to your system, stopping leaks and inhibiting rust
  • Save on yearly energy costs by up to 30%
  • Avoid expensive tear off costs and landfill fees

And the best part of these coatings is that they can be recoated again when they become worn.

Fend off Replacement

There is a startling industry statistic that shows commercial roofing units are replaced prematurely up to 80% of the time. At Capital Coating, we are trying to address that head on and tell our customers that is not acceptable. If there is a better solution that can save our customers money, we are going to always suggest that first.

However, there are times when a flat roof replacement is required, and we will always be truthful and guide you in the right direction. So if your Sellersville, PA facility is in need of a boost, consider a roof coating by Capital Coating. We’d be honored to put our 20 years of service records to work for you and get your roof back to doing what it should, protecting your facility. All it takes to a call to 717-442-0979 to begin.