Roof Coating New Castle, PA

More and more commercial roofs are getting roof coatings as business owners are beginning to recognize their several benefits. It’s an affordable service that restores the state of your roof and makes your building more energy-efficient. At Capital Coating, we specialize in applying roof coatings to all types of commercial roofs. For clients in New Castle, PA in need of a roof coating, call us today at (717) 442-0979.

What Is A Roof Coating?

A roof coating is an easily-applied seamless membrane that adheres to a roof’s surface. It makes your roof completely watertight, even if the roof it’s being applied to isn’t. For this reason, a roof coating is a great alternative to a full roof replacement. The lightweight layer is applied right onto your old roof without adding a lot of weight to your building.

The Benefits

As we just touched on, you can often get a roof coating in lieu of an expensive and disruptive full roof replacement. Furthermore, a roof coating effectively reflects UV rays which keeps your roof and building cooler. Not only does this protect your roof from sun damage, but it also saves you a lot of money on A/C. In general, a roof coating will extend the life of your roof for 10+ years.

Our Products

Capital Coating only uses roofing products of the highest quality. This includes Conklin Roofing Systems, Fluid-Applied Roofing Systems, Astec Re-Ply Roofing Systems, and American Weatherstar Roof Coatings. All of these roofing systems have proven track records, so we know that our clients are only getting the best.

Restore, Don’t Replace

Far too many people get full roof replacements when in reality their roof is capable of being fully restored. A full roof replacement is costly, wasteful, and will likely force you to shut your business down while the roof is being stripped and replaced. Of course, there are times where a full roof replacement may be the best option. You can call us at (717) 442-0979. We’ll send our experts over to have a look and advise you on the best roofing solution for your particular building. Find out why we’re the number one commercial roofing contractor for clients in New Castle, PA.