Roof Coating Moon, PA

Around the globe, scientists have noticed an alarming phenomenon. The areas around cities have a higher temperature than the rural areas just outside of the city. This temperature difference has far-reaching effects and is causing rising air-conditioning costs, increasing smog, and even changing weather patterns! Business owners around the world are doing their part to stop this disturbing trend. One way that they have discovered that not only helps reduce temperatures in cities, but also benefits the business owner directly, is roof coating in Moon, PA. Call Capital Coating today to learn more about roof coating and how it can benefit your structure at (717) 442-0979.

Urban Heat Islands: The Alarming Trend

Scientists call this phenomenon urban heat islands. This is the term used when the temperature inside cities is more than the surrounding area. Man-made structures, such as buildings, highways, and parking lots absorb and retain heat from the sun much worse than the fields and trees of the rural areas. This drastically affects surface and air temperatures and can raise them by as much as 5-10 degrees.

An Innovative Solution To Urban Islands

Business owners are choosing to combat the effects of urban heat islands with roof coating. Roof coating lowers the temperature of your commercial flat roof by as much as 50 degrees. It creates a highly-reflective, white surface that reflects up to 85% of the sun’s rays. Without the sun’s rays being absorbed by the roof, the entire building is cooler. This ripple effect is widespread, lowering the temperature of the whole region.

Benefits To The Business Owners

HVAC units don’t have to work so hard, and they last longer because they need fewer repairs. Energy costs are lower, and when you get a roof coating in Moon, PA, you can expect as much as a 30% decrease in your cooling bills each month. But that is not the only benefit that roof coating provides. Leaks and the need for constant repairs are eliminated because our fluid-applied roof coating creates a seamless, waterproof barrier over the entire surface of your roof. It is strong and durable and can extend the life of your roof by 10-15 years.

Premium Roof Coatings

Capital Coating uses roof coating brands like Astec Roofing Solutions, Conklin, and American Weatherstar that are renowned for their durability and superior performance. They are strong enough to withstand hurricane force winds and are fire-resistant.

If roof coating sounds like the answer to your roofing issues and you would like to jump on board and help combat urban heat islands in Pennsylvania, call Capital Coating today at (717) 442-0979 for your free roofing assessment.