Roof Coating Lancaster, PA

What do you know about roof coatings? This service is quickly gaining popularity because of how affordable and effective it is. Capital Coating is a full-service commercial roofing contractor that can apply a roof coating to just about any type of commercial roof. It’s one of the best ways to keep your roof watertight and protect it against the elements. Feel free to call us at (717) 442-0979 to find out more.

Why Get A Roof Coating?

There are a number of reasons why you would benefit from a roof coating. First of all, this service is extremely effective at prolonging the life of your roof. While many people may assume that they need a full roof replacement, oftentimes a roof coating is enough to restore your roof back to solid condition.

Our roof coatings are very lightweight, so it won’t add extra stress to the structure of your roof or building. Roof coatings are affordable and the application process is quick and easy so that the going-ons in your commercial building won’t be held up due to construction. Most of the time, restoring your roof is better than getting a full roof replacement.

An Environmentally-Friendly Solution

Roof coatings will make the surface of your roof more reflective which helps protect it from sun rays. This also means a more energy-efficient commercial building. The amount a roof coating can save you on your A/C bills over the years alone is worth having the service done. It’s a cost-effective roofing solution that you can feel good about!

Top Of The Line Products

When it comes to roof coatings, Conklin provides the best around. That’s why we choose to use these American-made products for our roof coatings. When you hire Capital Coating, you’re getting the best materials and craftsmanship at competitive prices. As a Choice Roof Contractor Group member, our team is more than qualified to apply Conklin roofing solutions.

Call Us Today!

Capital Coating is happy to serve clients in Lancaster, PA. Give us a ring at (717) 442-0979 for more information on our services. We’ll come by, evaluate your roof, and let you know if we think a roof coating would work well on your commercial building.