Roof Coating King Of Prussia, PA

Capital Coating, Inc. restores commercial roofs in King of Prussia, PA. We have been around the industry for quite some time now and understand that a roof coating is a cost-effective roofing service that comes attached with several benefits. Learn more about this service by reaching out to our team today at (717) 442-0979.

A Better Alternative

Unfortunately, many people either receive bad roofing advice or make poor decisions with their roof. This leads to a huge number of roofs being replaced prematurely. When you replace a roof that could have been effectively repaired or restored, a significant amount of time and money is wasted.

A roof coating is often a superior alternative. Restoring a roof with a roof coating can add over a decade of additional watertight years to a commercial roof. When you hire Capital Coating, Inc. to handle the roof restoration project, the job will get done right. We apply roof coatings that cover a roof seamlessly.

‘Green’ Roofing Solutions

At Capital Coating, Inc., we understand that it’s more important than ever to strive for more energy-efficient buildings. A roof coating is an example of a green roofing solution because it makes a roof significantly more reflective. A new roof coating can reflect over 85% of the sun’s rays which leads to much lower energy costs. The type of roof you have installed and how well that roof is insulated are also major factors of a building’s energy-efficiency.

Other Services

Capital Coating, Inc. does a whole lot more than roof coatings. When we inspect your roof for free, we’ll check the condition of your roof and decide upon the best service. This could be a roof coating, a roof repair, or even a full roof replacement. Since the early 1990’s, our great prices, reliable customer support, and high-level craftsmanship have earned us the trust of several clients in Pennsylvania.

Call Us Today!

Our company is taking on all sorts of new roofing projects in King of Prussia, PA. Roof restoration is one of our main areas of expertise. For a roof coating from a team of reliable craftsmen, reach out to Capital Coating, Inc. today at (717) 442-0979.