Roof Coating, Greensburg, PA

As our name implies, Capital Coating specializes in the application of durable, energy-saving, sustainable commercial roof coatings. We take great pride an offering roof coatings alongside our full lineup of other roofing services.

Roof coatings are a great option for restoring your existing commercial roof and adding years to the life of a tired, old roof. We use premium coating products, combined with the skilled work of our team members, to bring you the best in the roof coating solutions. Call (717) 442-0979 now to see if your commercial or industrial roof is a good candidate for coating, or read on to learn more about the roof coatings we offer:

Elastomeric Roof Coatings

All of the roof coatings we offer fall under the category of elastomeric roof coatings, which provide several benefits:

  • Reflective – Our elastomeric coatings include it reflective topcoat, which bounces back up to 85% of the suns rays.
  • Energy savings – Most coatings are white, reducing heat absorption and lowering the stress to HVAC equipment, resulting in lowered utility costs.
  • Easy to apply – Coatings can be rolled on quickly, reducing labor costs.
  • Minimal disruption – Because coatings can be applied over your existing roof, no tear off is needed, and business operations can proceed as usual.
  • Code approval – Capital Coating’s roof coatings are ENERGY STAR® certified and may qualify for rebates.
  • Affordable – When compared to a roof replacement, coatings are much more cost competitive.
  • Strengthening – The addition of a monolithic, flexible roof coating can actually improve the structural integrity of your commercial building.
  • Environmentally friendly – Keep materials out of the local landfill by opting for a roof coating over a replacement.
  • Flexible – Roof coatings expand and contract as the temperature rises and drops, reducing the chance that your roof system will crack and decreasing the stress to your roof deck.

Rubber Roof Coatings

Capital Coating’s rubber roof coatings are an excellent way to restore and add protection to your existing rubber roof. While most rubber roofs are rated to last 40 or 50 years, a roof coating can extend that service life significantly.

Liquid roof coating is applied to the existing, cleaned roof surface and binds to it, creating a seamless, watertight layer. It comes in a wide range of colors, and can last anywhere from 10 to 30 years. 

Metal Roof Coatings

Many commercial building owners choose metal roof systems for their affordability and durability.  However, metal roofs are uniquely susceptible to rest and corrosion, even when sealed. Capital Coating’s waterproof roof coatings change that.

Our metal roof coatings can lower rooftop temperatures by 60% or 90 degrees, subsequently reducing the demand placed on your HVAC equipment. They also effectively seal your metal roof off from the corrosive influences of water, ultraviolet light, and other elements. 

Flat Roof Coatings

Flat roofs come in a wide variety of materials:

  • Asphalt
  • Rubber
  • Modified bitumen
  • PVC
  • TPO
  • Built-up
  • And more!

We at Capital Coating have a coating for almost any type of flat roof. As long as your flat roof is in good condition, it is a candidate for roof coating. If you are in search of a way to rejuvenate your roof, stop leaks in their tracks, and extend the life of your rest without having to replace it, consider transforming it with a roof coating.

Call Capital Coating today at (717) 442-0979 to request an inspection and find out if you’re rough is a good candidate for a roof coating!