Roof Coating – Abington, PA

With “coating” in our company’s name, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to our customers throughout the Abington, PA area that one of our specialties is restorative roof coatings for commercial roofs. When you call on Capital Coating for a roof coating, you will be getting quality and dependability that will last for years. We work hard to ensure our customer’s roofs can hold up well for their entire life making it even easier for them to protect your building properly. Almost all commercial roofs are eligible for roof coatings, give us a call at (717) 442 – 0979 to find out if yours is today.

Applications Done Right

At Capital Coating, we know how crucial the application process is to the success of a roof coating. So whenever you call on us for a roof coating or other commercial roofing service, we will always begin with a thorough roof inspection. We will examine your roof in its entirety to make sure any issues are caught and repaired before we coat your roof to ensure no problems are just covered up. We will then clean and prep your roof so that the roof coating can adhere to your roof correctly. When applied and maintained properly, your new roof coating could last for more than a decade, keeping your roof protected. If the weather takes a toll on your roof and you would like to have it refreshed with a roof coating again, give us a call, one huge benefit of our roof coatings is that because they are so lightweight they can be applied time and time again.

We’re Here to Help

If you’re ready to have your roof reap the benefits of a roof coating or if you have more questions about them, call on the commercial roofing specialists at Capital Coating today. We will get your roof taken care of so that you can rely on it to protect your building once again. Any commercial roofing services you need in the Abington, PA are no problem for our expert roofers, call us today at (717) 442 – 0979. Your roof will perform like a new roof in no time when you choose to have a restorative roof coating applied by the experienced professionals at Capital Coating.