Leak Detection Sellersville PA

Most commercial roofs can last thirty to fifty years. While this sounds amazing, that doesn’t mean that they can be installed then stand the test of time. Instead, having your roof reach its expected life expectancy requires a bit of upkeep. After all, your roof is constantly exposed to the elements of nature. The unpredictable weather, insects and other creatures, vegetation, and more can all cause your roof to leak.

With leaks, the sooner you handle them, the easier the repair. Easier repairs mean easier costs on your pocketbook. But we always suggest that you have a professional handle these leaks. Sometimes, the leak can be hiding, not visible to an untrained eye. Allow our team at Capital Coating to help your Sellersville, PA property with leak detection and repair options. To get started, just dial 717-442-0979.

Why Roofs Leak

Although the techniques, technology, and installation methods of roofing systems have improved tremendously the last few decades, your roof still has the possibility to leak. Some of the main reasons you might be facing roof leaking include:

  • Standing Water – Water on your roofs surface that does not drain after 48 hours can cause the membrane to deteriorate. This can be caused from a lack of slope on a flat roof, or drainage issues.
  • Weather Conditions – Extreme weather like high temperatures, freezing cold, hail, high winds, and more can cause your roof to crack, blister, uplift, and dent. All of these things can allow water to infiltrate your facility.
  • Advanced Age – When your roof is getting close to the end of its life, the membrane is much more worn, allowing water to leak.
  • Flashing – If your flashing is not properly installed, water can leak through, causing problems on your roof and structure.
  • Debris and Foot Traffic – If you regularly have debris or high amounts of foot traffic on your roof, the membrane can be worn and allow water to seep through it.

Those are just a few of the many different problems that can cause leaking. At the first sign of trouble, please call our team at 717-442-0979. We’ll come to your Sellersville, PA property and provide you with a trusted leak detection assessment.