Flat Roof Replacement Wayne, PA

Knowing the right time to get a flat roof replacement is important. If you opt to have your roof replaced too early, you won’t be maximizing the potential lifespan of your roof. The quicker you go through roofs, that more money you’re forced to spend. However, if you are too late getting a flat roof replacement, there may be serious water damage to the interior or structure of your roof/building.

To find out whether or not you need a flat roof replacement, call Capital Coating today at (717) 442-0979. We offer free onsite roof evaluations to clients in Wayne, PA. After, we’ll be able to give you a no-obligation estimate on a flat roof replacement.

Roof Coatings

Most roofs are replaced prematurely. With a company that specializes in roof restoration, you can easily get more than a decade extra out of your flat roof. Capital Coating offers affordable and effective roof coatings. We have years of experience applying roof coatings to all types of commercial flat roofs. This thin and seamless membrane will keep water out. Plus, a roof coating is a great way to help lower your building’s energy costs.

By restoring your roof with a roof coating, you won’t need to pay for a costly roof replacement quite yet. The team at Capital Coating will be able to tell you whether or not a roof coating is a good option for your specific roof. We’ll take into account the condition of your roof and other important factors in order to give you the best possible advice.

Our Flat Roof Replacements

There’s a decent chance that you’d be better off getting a flat roof replacement instead of a roof coating. Sometimes, a roof is just not worth trying to restore or repair. With a flat roof replacement from Capital Coating, you’ll have the opportunity to get a brand-new flat roof installed flawlessly. Whether you want the same type of flat roof you had on before or a different type, we’ve got you covered.

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