Flat Roof Replacement Doylestown, PA

A flat roof that is installed properly can last 40+ years with some roof maintenance and routine roof inspections. Like any other roofing system, though, eventually a new flat roof is needed. If you have a building in Doylestown, PA that you think may need a flat roof replacement, give Capital Coating, Inc. a call today at (717) 442-0979.

Things To Consider For Your New Roof

When it comes time to replace your old flat roof, there are a couple of things that need consideration. First, you must decide who you will hire for the flat roof replacement. Capital Coating, Inc. is an excellent candidate. We have proven our trustworthiness and our talent as craftsmen through decades of high-quality work in the Northeast.

Once you’ve contacted a commercial roofing company, you can work with them to help you decide on what kind of flat roof you would like to have installed. You may want the same kind of flat roof replaced or you may want to go with a different option. For example, if you’ve realized the advantages to having a more energy-efficient commercial building in this day and age, a TPO roof might be the ideal option for you.

Can You Restore?

At Capital Coating, Inc., we know that a lot of people choose to have their roof replaced prematurely. It’s almost like they don’t know about roof restoration! Our company specializes in extending the lives of different types of flat roofs using roof coatings.

With this waterproof membrane covering the surface of your roof seamlessly, you can get more than 10 years of extra protection out of it. These extra years of not needing to pay for a new roof or constant roof repairs can really help you save a significant amount of money. Speaking of saving money, you can expect to save a significant amount on energy costs with a new roof coating.

Call Us Today!

Still looking for a company that is qualified to handle your flat roof replacement? Capital Coating, Inc. is the answer for clients in Doylestown, PA. We’ll be happy to talk more about the project with you today. You just need to reach out to us at (717) 442-0979.