Flat Roof Repair Warminster, PA

It is extremely common for commercial buildings to have flat roofs. Working on commercial flat roofs is far different than standard residential roofing. The commercial roofing experts at Capital Coating, Inc. have been fixing up these types of roof systems for decades now. If your building is in Warminster, PA, set up a flat roof repair today by reaching out to us at (717) 442-0979.

Why Do Flat Roofs Leak?

As with any roof, there are many potential reasons why your flat roof is leaking. Flat roofs are rolled out in strips and then stuck together using different types of installation methods, such as heat application. In many cases, a flat roof is leaking because its seams have started to separate. This can be due to age or due to poor installation.

A leak can also be caused by a puncture, tear, or wrinkle in the flat roof membrane. At Capital Coating, Inc., we use thorough roof leak detection to pinpoint the cause of any leaks so that we can fix them up. Ponding water is another common issue on flat roofs. This is caused by improper roof drainage and can lead to serious problems when left unaddressed for too long.

Capital Coating, Inc. is used to repairing many different types of flat roof issues. We have been in business together as a team since the 1990’s and the combined roofing experience of our craftsmen helps us tackle any sort of roofing project. Hire us for a flat roof repair to get your roof back to 100% in no time.

Time To Restore?

If you are looking for a roofing contractor to repair your flat roof, it might be time to think about restoring it before it’s too late. Capital Coating, Inc. uses high-performance roof coatings to improve the condition of flat roofs. Also, when you have this service done on your roof it will chop down on your building’s energy costs.

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Our team is taking on new roofing projects in Warminster, PA. Whether your roof needs a flat roof repair, roof coating, etc., Capital Coating, Inc. has you covered. For the help of the top roofers around, call (717) 442-0979.