Flat Roof Repair New Castle, PA

Flat roofs are durable, flexible, affordable, and long-lasting which is why they are so popular on commercial buildings. So long as you stay on top of things, your flat roof should last your 30+ years. That being said, a flat roof can also cause structural disasters if you leave any problems unaddressed.

However, with some regular low-maintenance upkeep and small repairs from a trusted company, your roof will last a while. Capital Coating provides flat roof repairs and other types of commercial roofing services for clients in New Castle, PA. Call us today at (717) 442-0979 and our team will swing by to give you a free estimate.

Repair And Restore

Repairing and restoring a roof is a more cost-effective and less disruptive way to solve your roofing issues. Many people pay far too much for a full roof replacement when it’s truly unnecessary. Plus, restoration and repairs are less wasteful.

At Capital Coating, we specialize in flat roof repairs and restoration. This way, your roof will function as good as new without going through the hassle of paying for a full roof replacement. We have several roofing solutions to effectively deal with any of your flat roof’s issues.

Roof Coatings

Capital Coating uses Conklin Roofing Systems because of their proven durability and energy-efficient qualities. With a roof coating, not only will your flat roof be completely watertight with a seamless membrane on its surface, but it will also be protected from sun damage. The sun can really take a toll on a flat roof and shorten its lifespan. Our roof coatings are highly reflective which keeps the sun from damaging your roof. Plus, the service pays for itself pretty quickly with the money you’ll save on A/C.

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Capital Coating is leading the commercial roofing industry in the Northeast. We are a full-service roofing company with a solid team of experienced roofers. It’s important to us that we maintain a good reputation among clients in New Castle, PA and we treat every roof with the same amount of time and care. Call us today at (717) 442-0979 if you’re in need of a flat roof repair or any other type of commercial roofing service.