Flat Roof Repair, Monroeville, PA

Flat commercial roofs come in a variety of flavors: old school built-up roofing, modified bitumen, EPDM (rubber), PVC, TPO, spray polyurethane foam, and more. Each type of flat roofing material comes with its own set of benefits and challenges, and at Capital Coating, Inc., we are familiar with all of them.

If you are located in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, and your flat roof is in need of repairs, call Capital Coating. We are the Northeast’s most respected and reliable commercial, residential, and industrial roofing contractor. Reach out to us at (717) 442-0979 to speak to one of our friendly, helpful team members and learn more about our service offerings.

Effective, Competent Flat Roof Repairs For Pennsylvania Residents

If your flat roof is showing signs of wear and tear, the time to fix it is NOW. Don’t wait until those small signs of deterioration grow into something larger and more expensive to deal with. And don’t attempt to DIY it or rely on a handy neighbor – trust a professional company like Capital Coating with more than 20 years of service records.

When you work with Capital Coating, you work with technicians who are qualified to identify issues and recommend the appropriate solutions. Some flat roofing treatments are best suited to new construction, while others are better for re-roofing situations. Some flat roofing materials have specific advantages for large commercial buildings but aren’t so great for smaller facilities.

At Capital Coating, we consistently strive to provide value and quality for our clients with every project we take on by offering the following benefits:

  • An experienced team of roofers who are trained and competent in every type of flat roofing material.
  • Comprehensive inspections at the start and completion of every project.
  • Free, no-obligation estimates.

Pennsylvania’s One-Stop Shop For Flat Roof Repairs

Capital Coating focuses on finding solutions that will not only extend the life of your roofing system, but also save you money. We offer the following flat roof repair services:

  • Spot patching: Temporary repair via patch installation to fix isolated areas experiencing deterioration or damages.
  • Leak detection and repair
  • General roof repairs: We carefully inspect and evaluate every commercial roof to adequately assess the issue and custom tailor the necessary repairs to your needs.
  • Long-term solutions: Where temporary repairs aren’t sufficient, Capital Coating offers larger repair options, including ongoing maintenance programs and major repairs (restoration, roof replacement).

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When you hire Capital Coating, Inc., you get a licensed, insured contractor that is committed to value and quality. We are a trusted, dependable commercial roofing company who would love to earn your business – call (717) 442-0979 today.