Flat Roof Repair Horsham, PA

Capital Coating, Inc. has been solving different kinds of commercial roof issues since the 1990’s. Our roofing specialists have experience working on all different types of flat roofs. If you have a building in Horsham, PA that needs a flat roof repair, call (717) 442-0979 to set up a free roof inspection.

Roof Leak Detection

When it comes to fixing up a flat roof, the challenging part is often finding the source of the problem. Capital Coating, Inc. has a team of leading commercial roofing specialists who know how to accurately pinpoint leaks. Our experience in roof leak detection makes roof repair jobs quite straightforward. We offer no-cost roof inspections and free expert consultation.

Flat Roof Restoration

If your flat roof is leaking, it may be time to think about restoring it. Capital Coating, Inc. applies roof coatings to seal up flat roofs and prevent leaks from forming. A roof coating is a lot cheaper than a flat roof replacement and can keep your roof watertight for several additional years. This way, you make the most out of the roof that you have already paid to have installed.

Our Flat Roof Repairs

Flat roofs can be susceptible to seam separation, ponding water, and punctures or tears in the membrane. No matter what the problem, the roofing specialists at Capital Coating, Inc. will find a cost-effective and long-lasting solution. As commercial roofing specialists, we’re used to fixing up different kinds of flat roofs.

Flat Roof Replacements

When a flat roof starts leaking, the time for a flat roof replacement might be just around the corner. When we come over to inspect your roof, we’ll be able to determine the best solution after considering the condition of your roof. If this is a flat roof replacement, we’ll give you a free quote on the project.

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Capital Coating, Inc. is the top choice for anyone needing the help of commercial roofing experts in Horsham, PA. If your roof needs a flat roof repair, roof coating, or roof replacement, we take on all different types of projects. Call (717) 442-0979 in order to schedule a roof inspection for as soon as this week!