Flat Roof Repair Havertown, PA

When you have a leak in your flat roof, it shouldn’t take you long before you call a professional contractor for a flat roof repair. Flat roofs are durable and low-maintenance, but when your flat roof does happen to leak, it requires immediate attention. Clients in Havertown, PA can trust Capital Coating for any sort of commercial roofing service. All you need to do is give us a ring at (717) 442-0979 to set up a time for us to come by and have a look.

About Our Team

The team at Capital Coating is closing in on three decades of experience. Our roofers are experts in all sorts of commercial roofing services, including flat roof repairs and inspections. We make sure that each of our roofing technicians are correctly licensed and insured before we allow them to work on your roof.

Flat Roof Inspections

While a flat roof is certainly a low-maintenance roofing system, you should still have it looked at relatively often. A few inspections per year will extend the lifespan of your flat roof and stop major problems from developing. Capital Coating offers timely and thorough roof inspections to clients across Pennsylvania.

Flat Roof Repairs & Restoration

After we’ve inspected your roof, we’ll know exactly how to tackle any of your flat roof’s issues. This includes pinpointing and repairing all leaks, fixing any loose flashing, ridding your roof of ponding water, and more. You can count on the experienced roofers at Capital Coating to properly fix your roof the first time around.

At Capital Coating, we really believe in roof restoration. A roof coating, for example, is a cost-effective service that can seriously improve the condition of your flat roof for years to come. This simple service will protect your roof with a thin, protective layer to keep water out. A roof coating can easily allow your roof to last over a decade longer.

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Capital Coating is an industry-leading commercial roofing company offering flat roof repairs and more to clients in Havertown, PA. Give us a call at (717) 442-0979 to find out more about our services. We’ll come around to evaluate the state of your roof for free.