Flat Roof Repair Easton, PA

Flat roofs can be tricky to repair, largely because the leaks are often difficult to pinpoint. Luckily, the roofing specialists at Capital Coating, Inc. are used to working with all types of flat roofing systems. We specialize in commercial roofing, so obviously we deal with a lot of flat roofs. To get a permanent flat roof repair, call us today at (717) 442-0979.

About Flat Roofs

There’s a reason why flat roofs are so often used on commercial buildings. For starters, they are low maintenance, affordable, and lightweight. Plus, flat roofs can be installed quite quickly since they are usually just rolled out in large, wide strips. This helps prevent leaks since these wide strips make for very few seams.

When you hire a team that knows what they are doing, these seams will be fully adhered to each other and there will be no wrinkles in the membrane. Capital Coating, Inc. provides the best flat roof installation around. Clients can always rely on us to get the job completed safely, professionally, and efficiently!

Is Your Flat Roof Leaking?

A flat roof can leak if it was not installed properly, if it develops a tear in the membrane, or as the membrane begins to deteriorate with age. If your roof is not draining properly, ponding water can develop which often leads to bad leaks. Plus, if a seam begins to separate on a flat roof, water has a direct path under the membrane.

At Capital Coating, Inc., we’ve resolved all  these issues and much more. Whenever your flat roof has a problem, you’re always better off getting in touch with an expert roofing contractor early on. You can use us to inspect your flat roof on a regular basis so we can help you avoid needing to pay for expensive problems down the road.

Call Us Today!

When your flat roof needs a flat roof repair, there is no better team for clients in Easton, PA than Capital Coating, Inc. On top of repairs, we also offer roof coatings, flat roof replacements, and more. Speak with us today at (717) 442-0979 to schedule a time for us to come by to have a look at your flat roof.