Flat Roof Repair, Dundalk, MD

Are you located in the Dundalk, Maryland area and are in need of a flat roof repair? If so, Capital Coating, Inc. is the answer for you! Call us at (717) 442-0979. No matter the issue, we are here to get the job done and we will do it in no time and on budget!  Our customers have been our top priority since day one, and it shows in our work. For over twenty years we have provided excellent service and help keep local commercial roofs in the shape and condition they need to be. Let us work diligently as the professionals you trust to care for your flat roof.

We want to ensure our clients they are choosing the right contractor when they come to us.  We strive to provide a stress-free project and have minimal disruptions to your day to day. It is our objective to put you and your commercial facility first, and make sure you are satisfied.  We will exceed your needs with top of the line work.

Is a Repair Needed?

Flat roofing is very popular for commercial buildings because they are unique, easy to install, and good for your budget! Just like any other roof, sometimes you’ll need your annual maintenance done to keep your roof in shape. If you notice these signs before your annual maintenance, it’s best you call your trusted contractor at Capital Coating, Inc. to come take a look:

  • Leaks
  • Severe weather conditions including hail, strong winds, tornados, etc.
  • Perforation or tearing
  • Cracking or blisters
  • Ponding or pooling water

When you call the professionals at Capital Coating, Inc. we can work with you to get your flat roof back in order.  Just give us a call at (717) 442-0979.

Is it Time for an Estimate?

If you are in need of a professional to take a look at your facility and provide an estimate for your flat roof repair, call us and we will gladly assist you.  We offer free inspections at a time of your convenience, with no-obligation estimates. Our professional technician will properly inspect your roof, and let you know the actions that need to be taken.

For the last twenty years we have excelled in leading the commercial roofing industry.  When you work with us, you not only receive expert workmanship that we’ve perfected the past two decades, you also get reliable roofing products built to endure Mother Nature’s worst. Whenever you’re ready, don’t hesitate.  Call us and let us take care of your flat roof repair needs! Our team is ready to help at (717) 442-0979.