Flat Roof Repair Carlisle, PA

Flat roofs are a very popular choice among commercial building owners—but they are also prone to certain problems. When such problems arise and you find yourself in need of flat roof repair, you can count on Capital Coating to perform expert work and restore your roof to full functionality.

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Flat Roof Pros & Cons

There are many flat roof benefits that make this roof type a common choice. For one thing, flat roofs are a lower-cost option compared to many other roof types. Flat roofs are also easy to access, making roof maintenance, installation of equipment like solar panels, cleaning gutters and more much easier than with a pitched roof. A flat roof also essentially gives a building an extra floor of usable space where HVAC units, rooftop lounge areas and more can be located.

Counterbalancing these flat roof benefits are various drawbacks, including:

  • Drainage problems: Flat roofs are not able to drain as efficiently as pitched roofs, which can lead to the development of ponding water and eventually cause the breakdown of roofing materials.
  • Leaking issues: Flat roofs are susceptible to developing leaks, especially along the roof seams.
  • Stability problems: Flat roofs, particularly larger ones covering an expansive area, are prone to stability issues. In heavy rain or snow, a flat roof is more susceptible to buckling under the weight than a pitched roof.

Other causes can contribute to flat roof issues, as well, including UV damage, storm damage, weathering problems, age-related issues, loose membrane bonds, straight-line wind damage and issues relating to building movement.

The Solution

No matter what the cause of your flat roof damage, Capital Coating has the solutions you need! We provide a full array of commercial roofing services to restore your roof to prime condition and to help keep it that way.

For all of your flat roof needs, give Capital Coating a call at (717) 442-0979. We have the solutions to all your roofing problems!