Flat Roof Repair Allentown, PA

As roofing options go, flat roofs are a popular one for various reasons. Like all types of roofs, however, flat roofs are prone to a common set of problems that will eventually necessitate the services of an expert roofer to make things right again.

For expert flat roof repair you can count on in the Allentown, PA area, look no further than Capital Coating! We are dedicated to delivering outstanding workmanship and customer service each and every time.

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Flat Roof Pros & Cons

Commercial and industrial building owners choose flat roofs for many reasons. For one thing, flat roofs are a comparatively inexpensive option. Building owners also gain essentially an extra floor of usable space with a flat roof, as flat roofs provide a level space for housing HVAC units, storage facilities and more. Because it is more easily accessible than a pitched roof, a flat roof also makes it easier to install and service equipment like solar panels and satellite dishes. This easy accessibility further makes it simpler to service the roof and clean gutters.

Balancing out the pluses of owning a flat roof are the minuses, which include:

  • Drainage problems: Flat roofs do not drain as efficiently as pitched roofs, which can lead to ponding water after a storm and eventually cause the breakdown of roofing materials.
  • Prone to leaks: Flat roofs are prone to developing leaks, especially along the roof seams.
  • Stability issues: Large flat roofs are known to have stability problems, and a flat roof can more readily buckle under the weight of heavy snow or rain accumulation.

Other factors that can lead to flat roof problems include storm damage, UV damage, damage from weathering, age-related issues, loose membrane bonds, straight-line wind damage and impairment from building movement.

The Solution

Your flat roof is much more likely to reach its full life expectancy with proper maintenance and repairs provided by an expert roofing company—a company like Capital Coating.

As with so many areas of life, small issues lead to big problems if left unchecked. With a regular inspection and maintenance program, commercial and industrial building owners can ensure their roof remains in tiptop shape. Any developing problems can be promptly identified and quickly addressed while still small and relatively minor. Inspection and maintenance records are also typically required if you have a roof warranty.

Properly performed repairs are crucial for the health of your flat roof. Give Capital Coating a call today at (717) 442-0979 to schedule a roof inspection. One of our expert technicians will assess the condition of your roof, pinpoint any problems, and offer you the very best flat roof repair solutions for addressing them!