Is Your Commercial Roof Showing Early Signs of Trouble?

Is Your Commercial Roof Showing Early Signs of Trouble?

August 25, 2023

Commercial roofs play an important part in business operations by keeping the inside environment comfortable for personnel, protecting valuable equipment and assets, and ensuring daily activities occur without interruption. Regardless of the type of roof your building has, recognizing early signs of trouble is essential in maintaining a dependable roof and getting the longest life from your roofing material.

A yearly roof inspection by a qualified commercial roofing contractor should be part of every facility’s maintenance schedule, but facility managers and maintenance personnel should also be able to spot minor issues and have them corrected before they become major problems.

To aid in recognizing when a roof needs attention, here’s an overview of some of the most common indicators and causes of roof problems along with advice about repairing or replacing your commercial roof if issues arise.



While a roof leak seems like an obvious time to call a professional, small leaks are sometimes ignored, especially in rugged manufacturing environments where they may be less noticeable during daily operations. The problem with small leaks is that they can turn into bigger leaks that can cause costly damage to other structures too.
Flat roof leak.

Water Stains on Ceilings and Walls

Damp areas on ceilings and walls inside a facility may indicate a plumbing problem, but they can also be a sign of a failing roof. Rainwater that makes its way under the roof material will travel to the lowest points and can saturate ceilings and dampen walls, leaving behind telltale water stains.

Installation of Rooftop Equipment

After any major rooftop activity like HVAC equipment installation, check that no damage was caused while contractors set the heavy equipment place and that the roof around the equipment is properly supporting the weight.
HVAC equipment on flat roof.

High Winds, Heavy Storms, and Hail

Following any extreme weather event, check your commercial roof system for damage. Flying debris, tree branches, and large hail can tear a roof membrane or punch holes in roof material that won’t necessarily be visible from the ground.

Wildlife and Insect Activity

If your commercial building is located in a wooded area or a location with a lot of wildlife activity, it’s a good idea to check your roof regularly for damage. Squirrels, birds, and destructive insects may be making the roof their home.

Bulging or Sagging

Any raised or sinking areas on a roof are typically an indicator that the supporting structures below the roof material are failing or that the roof material itself has been compromised.

Pooling Water

Shallow puddles on a rooftop, especially on a flat roof, are not uncommon, but areas that collect water a few inches deep are cause for concern. The weight of pooling water places added pressure on roofing materials that can lead to leaks and failure. It can also invite other problems like mold growth and animal and insect activity.
Pooling water on EPDM roof.



If your commercial roof is metal, a little rust here and there isn’t unusual, but if you notice a growing amount of rust along the seams, that’s a sure sign your material is aging and may soon need to be replaced.

Rust on flat roof.


Repair or Replace?

Roof replacement can be a major disruption to daily operations, and commercial businesses like pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and other types of manufacturing operations have to consider how a roof replacement project will affect their ability to perform vital functions.

As a longtime commercial roofing contractor, Capital Coating understands the critical nature of business operations, and we are sensitive to the unique needs of our commercial clients. Our experienced team will work with your facility manager or maintenance personnel to assess the condition of your roof and offer expert advice on whether to repair or replace.

Our advice is based on the age and condition of your roof as well as your operational needs and budget. Together, we’ll develop a plan to return your roof to proper working order, and if replacement is needed, we’ll assist you in preparing for your new roof and selecting the best commercial roof material for your needs. We install, maintain, and repair a wide variety of commercial roofing systems, including: EPDM, metal, single-ply roofing, cool roofs, foam roofs, tar and gravel, TPO, and asphalt.


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