Commercial Roofing Services West Mifflin, PA

No matter what your commercial roofing need is, Capital Coating has got you covered. Why waste time shopping around for a trusted contractor that provides all of the commercial roofing services in West Mifflin, PA that you may ever need to be done, when you can simply make one call. Capital Coating has the perfect roofing solution for you. Call us today at (717) 442-0979 to request a no-cost commercial roof evaluation.

Commercial Roof Repair

From minor repairs to extensive flat roof repairs, we can fix your roof quickly without interrupting your business operation. We service modified bitumen, built-up roofs, EPDM (rubber roof), TPO, TPE, PVC, PIB, foam roofs, and metal roofs. The lifespan of your roof can be extended by years, and we offer long-term roofing solutions.

Complete Roof Replacement

If your roof can be repaired, we will do everything we can to repair it, but if you need roof replacement, we also offer full replacement with a variety of roofing options available and state of the art technology. Your roof will be strong and durable.

Roof Coating and Waterproofing

Our roof coating provides a seamless, waterproof barrier that eliminates leaks and future roofing issues. Your roof will be energy-efficient and protected from storms, sun, chemicals, and fire. Roof coating can save you money on energy bills and can pay for itself in as little as seven years or less. You can expect a 50% savings on avoided replacement when you get a roof coating.

Single-Ply Roofing

Single-ply roofing offers a long-term solution for flat roofs. With environmentally-friendly options to options that are flexible and strengthen your entire building structure, single-ply roofing is one of the most popular types of flat roofing used in America and is an economical roofing choice.

Roof Inspections

A comprehensive roof inspection is an invaluable tool in educating yourself about your roof and making wise, informed decisions regarding your roof. At the foundation of every roofing project is a thorough roof inspection.

Roofing Maintenance

Roofs that receive regular inspections and maintenance can last twice as long as roofs that don’t. Our maintenance programs are designed to keep your roof in optimal condition while saving you time and effort.

Other Services

Capital Coating provides many other commercial roofing services in West Mifflin, PA including commercial & industrial painting with surface prep and cleaning so that there is no prep work for you. We install spray foam insulation and offer spray foam roofing services.

Don’t waste your time shopping around for all of your commercial roofing needs when Capital Coating does it all, and we do it right. With 20+ years’ experience, you can trust your roof to Capital Coating. Give us a call today to discuss your roofing project at (717) 442-0979.