Commercial Roofing Services Monroeville, PA

Capital Coating provides all types of commercial roofing services for clients in Monroeville, PA. In just one phone call at (717) 442-0979 we can begin helping you with any of your commercial roofing needs. Our team of professional technicians will come by and give you a free onsite estimate.

Roof Repairs

At Capital Coating, we understand that business owners do not want their business to come to a halt due to commercial building maintenance. Our roof repairs are non-disruptive and can be done during your business hours. We do it all including flat roof repairs, metal roof repairs, foam roof repairs, etc. We can often repair and restore your roof to lengthen its lifespan without you needing to get a full roof replacement.

Full Roof Replacement

Of course, in some cases there’s no getting around a full roof replacement. Capital Coating has a ton of effective roofing solutions for your building. We can make your new roof more energy-efficient which ends up paying for itself in the long run since you’ll save a lot on electric bills.

Roof Coatings

One of the ways to make your building more environmentally-friendly is with a roof coating. Roof coatings are seamless, watertight, and will extend the life of your roof for 10+ years. Application is quite simple, it’s affordable, and it’s lightweight so your building won’t be put under any more stress. Our roof coatings are high in reflectivity which keeps your building and roof cooler.


At Capital Coating, we’re under the belief that it’s worth getting your commercial building inspected a couple times a year, even if there aren’t any apparent issues. Roof leaks can be sneaky and people are often negligent of them until the leak starts to visibly damage the structure of the building. By this time, more expensive repairs are in order. Our roofing experts can inspect your roof and catch any issues before they can do any serious damage.

And More!

Capital Coating has several other types of commercial roofing services, including single-ply roofing, roofing maintenance, etc. Whatever it is you need, call us today at (717) 442-0979 for a free onsite estimate. Find out why we have such a solid reputation among clients in Monroeville, PA.